Thursday, November 1, 2012

An update and a new beginning

My apologies to all my readers for being absent without any information.

When I had started blogging here, it was a space where I could let my hair down and relax. A place where I could talk what, how and when I wanted to talk. But, over a period of time, I realised that every post became like a chore (something which Tine has covered on her blog ) I would fret and be upset if I was not able to post or do something for the blog regularly. This started impacting my daily life and I became increasingly irritable. What had started as fun became tiresome.

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And, then one fine day, I decided to take a step back. Go back to the roots. Relax and then start with the basic.I have been away for some time now and feel good about it. But, that hunger to blog is slowly coming back. I have decided to move my blog to wordpress and would be blogging from there.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Being a mother is a very rewarding role. But, most of the time we just assume that she knows that we love her. For a change, why not express our love for her, show her that she is the most treasured person we have in our life.

I have compiled a small list of things which I would do for my mother or would love if someone does these for me *hint hint*

 What better way to pamper her than gift her a spa/ facial treatment. Try a voucher from Endota Spa which offers a range of treatments using either Endota products or Dermalogica. You can shop online for their treatments and products like organic tea, Endota toiletry bag, gift packs

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Okay what about some nice smelling candles from Glass House. They have a great range and smell absolute divine. The candles are triple scented and you can browse by fragrance or destination. I would love to have Apple Cinnamon to warm the chilly evenings.
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With winters right upon us, I am sure she would love having some MOR products in her bathroom. They have a wide range of body butters, soaps, fragrance. Currently there is an offer of free samples with every purchase over $20 AUD.
                                                                  Image Source
If your mother is anything like me, she would love the nail polish duo from OPI* especially packaged for mother day. The little pack that comes with two shades of soft pink (Passion) and purple-pink (Pompeii Purple), neatly packaged in a white cosmetic bag with a black trim. Its available in David Jones exclusively for $29.95 AUD.

Last but not least, just hold your mum's hand and ask her to take a break from her daily routine. Prepare a cup of tea and spend some time with her, just talking, creating memories which will last her lifetime.

So, what have you planned for your mother this Sunday ??

Discalimer : Products marked by asterisk was provided for consideration. Also I am not affiliated to any of the brands mentioned, they are just what I would like for myself.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter

Couple of weeks ago twitter was in frenzy, at least for Aussie girls and display stands were torn apart. Even testers were gone. Yes, Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters had hit Australian stores. And to make the deal sweeter was that Priceline was having 'Buy One, Get One free' on Revlon. The excitement was justified because I am sure no one would be ready to pay $21.95 AUD for them. The product itself is great, its just the Australian markups.

I had already tried and loved them when my little sister had gifted them to me. The formula is that of tinted balm but with better pigmentation. I was surprised by how pigmented it was.Off late, I have very little time to put on makeup and this comes to rescue. Its a pigmentation of a lipstick and hydration of a balm rolled in one.

As part of the deal, I picked 6 lip butters and my favorite of the lot is 'Candy Apple'

  • Fig Jam


         This is brown color with glossy finish. Since my lips are already pigmented, this just added more
         color with a touch of gloss.
  • Pink Truffle

        This is a brown color with hint of pink to it. The MLBB from the collection. As you can see from the
        pictures that its very creamy and less sheer compared to Fig Jam.
  • Lollipop

         Its bright pink with blue undertones and shimmer. It looks really bright in the tube and
         the prefect way to brighten up your face.
  • Sweet Tart

        Its a soft barbie pink.If you always wanted to wear barbie pink, but were petrified with the brightness,
         this is a good place to start.
  • Tutti Frutti

         Its a sheer orange lipstick which can be built up with few swipes
  • Candy Apple

        Its my favourite from the collection. A nice warm red. It has yellow undertones which
        makes it easier to pull off. I love it and have been wearing it quite often.
       The pigmentation is quite good but needs reapplication.

 The lip butter is a nice addition to my collection as I can see it being used often. The only gripe I have with the formulation is that if I am not gentle while applying on lips, they( lip butters) tend to break. I don't even want to think, what will happen to them in summer if winter has it breaking on my lips.

So,which colors did you pick ?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spending Habits

At times we are forced to acquire some behavior/habits which in hindsight are good for us. Since I have been staying at home mostly, my spending habits have changed a great deal.
I have been forced to look for online options rather than department stores and I prefer the former.

You remember, I had done a 21 days challenge as an effort to control my mindless spending. Now, lets be real its not easy. Being a makeup addict, its hard to pass the counter with beautiful displays or not hit the 'checkout' button. But, I have come up with set of tricks( flow chart) which work for me. It may sound ridiculous but believe me it works for me and makes dollar stretch for me. Now, hardly any purchase is done on spur of a moment.

Each time I want to buy something, it goes through sieve of these questions.

  • Do I need it ??
         If I need it, like a skincare or concealer etc. no further questions are asked, items are purchased.
         Its a different story when its a 'want'. And most of the time its a 'want'.

  • Do I have something similar already ??
          A new purchase is made only if anything similar doesn't exist in my collection. I am not buying it just
          because its on sale or I am getting it as part of good deal.
          For example, seeing the swatches of Illamasqua Neutral Palette, I really wanted it and had almost hit
          checkout on ASOS when I realized that I have UD Naked Palette. The transaction was cancelled.

  • How am I going to use it ??
          There is no point buying something and not using it enough.
          For example, I had a serious lemming for MAC Skinfinish in Superb. I won't deny its pretty but
          I am not sure if I can wear it during day time. I hardly go out during nights so I knew this won't get
          the use it deserved.
          A lemming was weeded out.

  • Can I get it online ?? 
          If I can get it online, I am not buying it in store. Seriously, the Australian markups get me all worked
          up. I mean how, can you explain Revlon Lip Butter retailing at $21.95 AUD when you can get the 
          same for less than $ 8 USD...almost 3 times the price !!!! I think the drugstore brands
          ( excluding Face Of Australia, Australis) are really taking us for a ride.
          Why should I spend this kind of money in store when I can get way cheaper online ??
          I buy makeup in store only when there is a fabulous offer, like buy one get one free or when I have 
          a gift card.

  • Can this purchase wait ??
          I have lost count of times when I have bought something just because its 'Limited Edition'. Not,
          anymore. No, I am not going to fall for this trick. I will buy it only if its really special. If something
          is from permanent range, it can always wait. I sleep over them.

  • Conjure up the mental image of existing makeup collection and how you use it
          This came to me by complete chance. I was arranging my dresser and it made it sick realizing the
          amount of makeup I have piled up. Having them is not bad, what makes it sickening is that I hardly
          get a chance to use them. Just to highlight the fact,  I have used Chanel Ombres Perlees de Chanel 
          only twice and there is a Burberry foundation still in its packaging.
          When everything fails then all I need to think is of existing makeup and walk away.

Do you have anything that works for you ???

Monday, April 9, 2012

Orly : Steel Your Heart

This Autumn Orly is coming out with Cool Romance Collection. It comprises of 6 lacquers

I got a chance to try Steel Your Heart, a charcoal shimmer.

The formula is streak free and its opaque in 2 coats. Although the color itself isn't unique but if you don't have similar color, I think its worth picking up .

The collection will be on shelf from Apri1 2012 and retailing for $18.95 each
Next of my desire list is You're Blushing.

Disclaimer: Product provided by PR for consideration, but it has no bearing on my views.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jane Iredale goWarm EyeSteppes

Jane Iredale has launched a limited edition 'Step Into Autumn' packs each tailored for cool or warm skin tone.

 Each pack contains:

  •  EyeSteppes compact – complete with five eye shadow shades
  •  MySteppes compact – complete with two lip glosses, blush and bronzer.

 Each pack comes either with a mini Kabuki Brush or Lash Conditioner and Longest Lash Mascara samples.The pack retails for $ 150 AUD for a value of $240 AUD products.

I got a chance to try EyeSteppes  goWarm from the warm pack.
The packaging is quite compact and useful. I just love the way the various compacts swivel and open up.
The colors are fairly neutrals and perfect for going from day to night look.
The eye shadow themselves are very smooth and quite pigmented. All the swatches done below are without any base and with only swipe on the pan.

 It contains 5 of the warm earthy eyeshadows
  • Beach

  • Steamy / Sunshine



  • Mojito / Sandals



Price: $99.00 AUD
Availibilty :Online

Disclaimer: Product provided by PR for consideration, but it has no bearing on my views.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow

Much has already been written about Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow so I won't be adding any more.
They are worth the rave views. Pigmentation wise they are quite strong and very soft to work with. They bring the intensity of pigments with ease of pressed eyeshadow.

I bought few of these during Priceline sale and have been using them. Its love and if you don't have them , then they are good addition to your collection , specially if you have been lusting after Armani Eyes To Kill eyeshadow.

Purple Obsession

All Night Blue

Purple Obsession            All Night Blue
Burning Black

Burning Black

Endless Chocolate

Endless Chocolate  
Do you have any eyeshadow from this range ? What are your thoughts ?