Monday, August 2, 2010

Swatch/Review : MAC Prunella

This was one of my random buys, where no research was done and it was just a whimsical buy. But, Boy what eyeliner it is.

Its like any typical MAC eye kohl, nothing distinctive there, but the colour is just one of its kind.

It’s a very nice dark plumy colour with a very slight metallic effect to it.
A very good option for the days when you want to have fun without going overboard or the days when you don’t want the usual black & brown eyeliner.

I have been using it almost daily, since I bought it.

Note to Self : There are other liners as well in your stash, please spare this one for few day


  1. colorbar has a prunella too! :P :D

    maybe i'll start with that one and then get to mac! :)

  2. @ Ki : Its a beautiful color...Didn't know that Colorbar has a 'Prunella' too ;-)

    What is the color of Colorbar Prunella

  3. lovely blog maddy :) I especially loved the 'u know you're addicted' post. hilarious :)

  4. Im really liking plum these days.Its a fresh change from black.