Sunday, September 12, 2010

Any suggestions ??

Hey open question to all..

-> How do you guys take pictures of the looks you do ??
-> What camera do you use ??
-> Do you take the picture in natural light ??
-> Any trips or tricks ??

My problem is that my eye makeup looks good in person but never captured in picture.This really puts me off...

So any suggestions please ???


  1. hmmm..wish i could help you, but i have the same problem :(. I have only my phone camera which sucks! I mean in good daylight it takes nice pics, but in artificial light my skin looks grey. ANd it doesn't zoom or focus. sigh. anyway, practice with it has made me take better pics. So that's the only advice i can give you. sorry.

  2. oh and yes because of the above mentioned problem, i 'try' to take only daylight pics. but try to find a place where you can do so comfortably. my place is my balcony :P.
    as for close up pics, my only trick is that i turn my face into the light. if the light is coming from the top left of the room, i turn my face up into that area and click.
    and be prepared to take lots of 'dud' pics. i take countless crappy ones before i get a pic i like. patience and practice are the key words.

  3. @Poohkie : Thanks for the ideas..I suck at taking pictures..But, I will try the tricks you have suggested