Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Manic Monday : Nailpaint

Okay..its not Monday..but its okay. You know what they say 'Better late than never'.

Today, I present to you Revlon Gray Suede, a shade launched as part of their Spring collection.

What I like about it

-> very gentle nude colour for Indian women.Most colours which I have tried earlier made my hand look so old, dark and ghastly. But not this one.
-> very easy to apply
-> streak free finish
-> colour is opague only in 2 coats
-> very chic and great for office goers...

What I don't like

-> I can't think of any

The paint in bottle looks to have some gold reflects, but there is no shimmer when applied on nails. Atleast , I couldn't see any.

I think, my quest for a nude nailpaint has come to stop with Gray Suede


  1. Its beautifull ...and looks great on you..

  2. i am in love with this
    picking this up for sure
    will memorize the name

  3. @Anamika : thanks :-)

    @Neha : Its amazing colour...a definite for a nude sophisticated nail color