I am a beauty blogger based in Melbourne.
Why should I blog when there are already so many blogs in the blogosphere??
I blog because I love makeup and my current stream of work doesn’t give me a chance to talk about it. I like trying new stuff in market and seeing what I can create with it. With this blog, I get a chance to write about make up related things and my experience with them.
And, no I am not in this for free stuff or publicity. I do this mainly because I love.

I also do it because this gives me a chance to talk to like minded people and meet them.

Now to some information on my skin etc.

Skin: Dry Sensitive
Foundation match: NC 40 – NC 42 in MAC
Barcelona in NARS Sheer glow
Hair: Fine and limp

I love neutrals and browns, want to try more colour but afraid to do it.

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