Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank You !!!

Hey guys...A big thank to everyone who dropped by the blog. I am really sorry for not being regular.

I had been so busy entertaining people at my place for last 2 weekends and then I fell sick (...sorry for boring you with my story), but it has been really hectic.
Only today I got around checking my blog.

I somehow feel that if I post something here,they I should mean every word of it and not make it 'rush rush' thing. A post,where every word has my 100%. Since, I wasn't feeling so good, I abstained from updating anything here.

Now, that I am not doing any household things, I can update my blog.

So, in short, Thanks for stopping by. It feels good when you realise that there people out there who read what you write.

I hope to see more of you beauties here :-)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Swatch/Review : MAC Prunella

This was one of my random buys, where no research was done and it was just a whimsical buy. But, Boy what eyeliner it is.

Its like any typical MAC eye kohl, nothing distinctive there, but the colour is just one of its kind.

It’s a very nice dark plumy colour with a very slight metallic effect to it.
A very good option for the days when you want to have fun without going overboard or the days when you don’t want the usual black & brown eyeliner.

I have been using it almost daily, since I bought it.

Note to Self : There are other liners as well in your stash, please spare this one for few day

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I wonder....

I had friends over for dinner last night and seeing them made me think....How does it feels when you are always all done up(eyelook,properly dressed up, matching earrings and the whole shebang..), while your friends always turn up in casual and no makeup face.

This always happens to me...I love times I feel really odd ( and at times terrible)....
None of my friends here are in makeup, while I adore it.

What about you guys ???
Do you also have such moments...if yes then how you handle them ???