Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I just can't stand it

There is something I really want to blog about..something I just can't stand....and thats men with long nail...its such a turnoff. I was talking to a guy at my work about something critical, some thing really important and thats when I see his nails..long...although they were clean...yet..yuckk..at that point I almost stop hearing whatever he is saying and all I can think of is 'Why doesn't he cut his nails ? Can I cut a nailcutter to cut his nails ??' eewww...

This is the reason I make sure that Mr. has his nails always nicely trimmed ..never big..why can't everyone does the same.

This made me thinking what are other things which are such big turnoff.

This is mine. Whats yours ????

Bye Till Next Time

Friday, April 16, 2010

You know you are addicted when...

1. When you go to sleep thinking about the new look you are going to try or planning your haul

2. Dreaming about what beauty idea to blog about

3. And then dreaming that you have posted it

4. Shopping makeup/skincare even after blowing the monthly budget and resolving not to buy anything more

5. When you swatch for MAC LE just for the sake of it

6. When you scour the catalogs and stores to make sure you are not missing on some good deal

7. When you buy makeup/skincare for your family to get your own fix.

8. When you go and swatch products just for the high it provides

Am I the only one who is addicted????

Bye till next time !!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Can't Sing Enough Praises

Let me start with telling that I have dry combination skin (oily on nose) and very sensitive skin. Slightest change in weather or increased stress level my skin starts playing up. Just when I was I was finding difficult to mositurise and soothe my skin , I came across a post http://the-lip-print.blogspot.com/2009/12/updated-skincaer-routine.html by Stefanie. Her reviews are the best and most genuine. I had been following her for sometime and had faith on her reviews. Based on her experience, I went and bought the jars for 'Aloe Soothing Day Cream' and 'Aloe Soothing Night Cream'

I started using it regularly, coupled with exfoliator from the same range. And my God, it worked wonders, my skin would be always moisturised without being greasy. The best thing about this was that it would be absorbed right away.

If I had to pick just one of the 2, I would pick the night cream. Its the best that I have ever used, very light , incredibly moisturising and I wake up with baby soft skin. It was so good that I got my entire family hooked on to it :-)

On a side note, I am watching 'Deception' right now...and its just getting interesting now.

Bye Till Next time !!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Baby Step

Hmm....and I am feeling jittery.

Why, you ask ? For past 1 year I have been a silent citizen of beauty blog world and today I have decided to become a part of the group.

I sat on the bench and watched every one blogging about beauty, skincare and everything which was important to them.

And over a period of time, I developed a sense of kinship with them. I would silently follow their best tips, feel happy when they hauled something new, watched and learned from them.

Before I came to this world, I couldn't even apply eyeliner with steady hand and I didn't know things like eyeshadow base and primer existed. I was so ignorant that I would walk past MAC stand in the store, cause I was so initmidated by the sheer large amount of colours and all SAs walking so prepped up.

But ( thanks to the beauty blog world), now I make sure I always stop not only at MAC counter but others too.

So, after long contemplation, I decided to give back whatever I have learned in past one year.

I may not be entirely accurate, you may not agree with me all time and I don't intend to bring bad name to any brand.

Anything here would be just my experience with a particular brand/product.

So, wish me luck and here I start my journey

Bye, Till Next Time