Saturday, December 24, 2011

Haul Of Anger

Okay..let me ask you you haul when there are extreme of emotions ?? I have this strong urge to haul when I experience the extreme emotions, mostly when I am angry.
So, one of these days when I was in rage, Crush Cosmetics was having 20% off WetnWild and my poor credit card took the hit.

Let go through the haul. First up is Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette. I won't say much about this, just one word 'Amazing'. Shade selection is great and pigmentation is awesome. If you are going for a short trip, I think this is all you need in terms of eyeshadow. Perfect.

Swatches : Left Column (Top to Bottom)
Swatches : Right Column ( Top to Bottom)
Next is ELF Cream eyeshadow.Lets talk about the packaging. ELF, why waste so much on extra bulky packaging ? Please use that funds to get more shades in the collection.
I have yet to use them as products so I comment much about how they perform.
ELF Cream Eyeshadow: Dawn
Swatch : Dawn   

Next is ELF Cream Eyeshadow in Eggplant. Now, readers please tell, is it just me or even you think that ELF team got the name of this color completely wrong. I mean, where is eggplant in this shade ?? Its looks more like a bronze brown color.I was disappointed when I saw this, since I was looking forward to using an eggplant color. 

ELF Cream Eyeshadow : Eggplant
Swatch : Eggplant
And finally, I got Wet n Wild gel eyeliner in Eggplant ( Yes, I know there is lot of eggplant in this post). This was a complete downer. The brush is totally useless and the pigmentation in liner is extremely poor. Not at all happy. Its hard to believe that same company can have a total winner in a product and then have this.

So, the question is still there,do you haul when you are angry ??

Monday, December 19, 2011

Hot Pink Lips

Okay if you are like me who wants to wear bright pink lip colors but shy away from it, I think this lipstick will do the job for you. Its bright but not too much into face or neon like. Without further ado, I present to you Flamenco from Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick range.


The company's website describes the color as 'hot pink with very slight purple pearl' and I think this is perfect description of the color.
The lipstick is moisturising and gives good amount of wear time.

Its hot and its wearable.

Would I recommend it : Definitely yes, its now a handbag staple for me

Availability: Priceline, Pharmacy,Target
RRP : $12.95 AUD

Disclaimer: Product provided by PR for consideration, but it has no bearing on my views.

Friday, December 16, 2011

EOTD : Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow

What do you do, if you are lusting after Armani Eyes To Kill , but don't have enough moolah to get them ?? You head to local drugstore and get the more affordable cousin,Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow.

I treated myself to 2 shades( Purple Obsession, All Night Blue ) from this range. Today's EOTD features 'All Night Blue'

Other than 'All Night Blue', I have used MAC Embark in crease and some random gold pigment.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Red Dip Dyed Lips

My attempt of wearing a dip dyed red lips. Its basically a gradient look with dark color at edges and lighter in center.

I used a red lip liner and Ciccone Cosmetics Aphrodite as base. Before applying Ciccone Voluptas in the centre, I lightened the intensity of Aphrodite. Then I finished with Face Of Australia Divine Shine in Morning Mist

I enjoyed doing this and might give it another attempt with different colors.

P.S : Please excuse the flakies, I forgot to exfoliate before doing the look.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review : Ciccone Cosmetics Lipsticks

I read great reviews about Ciccone Cosmetics lipsticks both over twitter and various blogs. This got me curious and I couldn't look past trying them.

Ciccone Cosmetics is an Australian company founded by Helen and Frank in 2001 . Their product range features 8 lipsticks and today I will present 4 of them.

What Company Says

Ciccone cosmetics offer lipsticks that are long lasting, feel weightless on application and glide smoothly with high coverage.
The lipsticks have a quick drying formula that maintain a durable film of color for several hours and will leave your lips feeling hydrated and fluffy


The product range features 8 colors
  • Rhea
  • Hera
  • Aphrodite
  • Cupid
  • Oceanus
  • Apollo
  • Voluptas
  • Athena

They are super pigmented lipstick with a creamy formula. The finish is neither glossy nor matte. When I applied it, it felt creamy. Inspite of the creamy formula, it gives a good wear time and color payoff.

What I like about them
  • The feeling of weightlessness on application
  • The coverage, it took only one swipe to get max color
  • The creamy formula
  • The fact that it wasn't drying ( hello MAC Satin)
  • It had a good a wear time
  • Also, that one of them made me lose weight. Seriously when I wore Voluptas, the first comment I got was " Have you lost weight"
For once a company has described their product as they are.

What I didn't like about them
  • The only thing I wished was if the color range was more extensive. I want more!!

Now to the swatches...

Would I recommend it : Yes, in fact I am going to get Oceanus next.

Availability:, Myer
Price: $25 AUD

Disclaimer : Product provided by PR for consideration, but it has no bearing on my views.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

EOTD : Basic Neutral Look

Today's post is about a basic neutral eye look created using SAX Eye Delight Eyeshadow Palette* and SAX liquid eyeliner*

I have used eye shadow 'A' from the palette as on over all eye color, with shade 'B' in outer 2/3rd of the eye and shade 'C' in the outer V.

The look was completed with SAX liquid eyeliner ( not shown in the post).

Disclaimer : Item marked with * where sent by PR for consideration

Thursday, November 17, 2011

NOTD / Review : Priti NYC China Pink Tulip

What the Company Says :

Priti NYC Nail Polishes have an organic formula, free from toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DHB) and formaldehyde and do not contain any petroleum ingredients or camphor. These polishes are fast drying, chip resistant, and super glossy, plus they're completely safe for use on children and pregnant women


It has over 138 shades ranging from nudes to intensely colored nail paints.
I wore China Pink Tulip which is fuschia leaning more towards magenta.


It dried to glossy finish and lasted without any chipping for 3 days. Seriously there was no chipping, I had to take it off only because I wanted to wear something new. All I could see after 3 days was small fading at the tips, that's about it.

What I liked about it :
  • The fact that its 3 free
  • The extensive color range
  • The application is like walk in park, 2 coats to opacity and no streaking.
  • The glossy finish of the nail paint
  • Last but not least that there was no chipping even after 3 days.

What I didn't like :

I tried hard to find any negatives, but couldn't find any. Its a winner

Would I Recommend It : Definitely , yes. I can't wait to try more products from this range.

Availability :
Shop Neutral
Shop 6, Prahran Market
163 Commercial Rd
T: 03 9826 4884

EMP Industries Yoga Supplies

1st Floor, 1394-1396 High St


Price : $17.95AUD

Disclaimer : Product sent by PR for consideration. The review is based on my experience.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Yes, I am faking it

Yes, I am faking healthy skin and you ask why
  • cause I am functioning on little sleep
  • cause my skincare routine is all over the place
  • cause my skin has developed a mind and mood of its own
And, my partner in crime is Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation

What Company Website Says

Inspired by the cult Asian market Beauty Balm creams, Skin Base Foundation is a brand new, refined formula unlike anything on the UK market. Easily blendable, it effortlessly creates a perfect complexion, and like the entire Illamasqua foundation range, is undetectable in a professional HD environment. Suitable for all skin types, it smoothes, softens and conditions your skin whilst providing natural, buildable coverage.


The foundation comes in a squeeze bottle packaging which releases just enough product to cover the entire face. Being a squeeze bottle means its hygienic and easy for carrying/using without fear of any germs or spillage. The packaging is also sleek enough to be tucked in handbag, to do touch ups if required


It comes in over 12 shades and I was matched to No 12 , for reference I am NC42 in MAC Studio Fix


The first reaction which I got when I used SBF was "Your skin is looking healthy". This was real big since I had pregnancy pigmentation and dry skin.
I put it to test when I was moving house and wore it with my daily moisturizer. It gave me good coverage resulting in healthy looking skin and yet very natural. The foundation lasted me good 6 hours with no touch ups.

I applied it with my fingers and it has become my go to foundation with its stellar performance
What I Like About It :

  • The fact that I fake healthy skin with it
  • The coverage it had to offer.
  • The staying power of SBF
What I Don't Like About It :
  •   I can't think of anything which I don't like about this product
 Would I Recommend It : Of course yes
Availability : Illamasqua counter in Myer
Price : $66 AUD ( Approx)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review : Australis Double Decker Eye Duo

What Company website says

Rich highly pigmented metallic eyeshadow cream and ethereal, multidimensional loose powder for luxe eye looks. Contains Beeswax that assists in conditioning the skin


 As the evident from the product name the packaging consists of 2 decks with the bottom one screwed to the top section.
The top section contains the cream component of the duo while the bottom one has loose powder which works perfectly with the cream color


The cream eyeshadow is a beautiful dark chocolate color with very fine copper shimmer.
The loose powder is copper bronze colored. When the cream eyeshadow and the powder are paired together they create a dark chocolate color with copper/bronze shimmer.

Cream + Powder        Powder       Cream


What a genius of product!! Seriously one product and you are able to create an easy but yet impressive eye look. It seems Australis has got a genius in their product ideas team. No more counter filled with endless eye shadows, pigments etc.just one item and you are done.
Now to actual performance, its very easy to use and apply and blends quite well.
The only negative which I observed was creasing, but I think if a good primer is used one can get more hours of wear without creasing.
I could get only 2 hours without creasing with MAC Paint Pot

What I like about it :
  • Color Selection offered by Australis
  • The concept of offering both cream and powder in one package
  • Ease of use
What I don’t like                                                                  

The fact that I couldn’t get longer hours of wear without creasing

Would I recommend it : 

Even though with issues of creasing, I would recommend this, simply because its a good concept and easy to use when short on time.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

EOTD : Flicked Eyeliner

I haven't been wearing makeup for quite sometime so I thought to start with simple eye look.

Please excuse my eyebrows, I am not getting a chance to get them threaded.

I used Australis Double Decker Eye Duo in Supernova Casanova all over my eyes and Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner to upper lashline.
Its a very basic look but a failsafe one.

Products Used:
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC35
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
Australis Double Decker Eye Duo in Supernova Casanova
Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner
MAC Vanilla pigment as highlighter

Monday, October 31, 2011

Review : Kink Nail Paint

What Company website says

For a popping pedi or an on-trend mani, Kink’s vibrant range of Nail Polishes cannot be beaten. Coming in a 10ml bottle, this streak-free formula resists chipping, is free from toluene, formaldehyde and di butyl phthalate, and is available in 16 colours ranging from creamy pinks to vibrant corals and vampy darks.


Its quite standard nail paint packaging


Even though there are only 16 colors, the range is quite varied from work safe ‘Nearly Nude’ to fun loving ‘Showgirl’ or ‘Hot Hot Hot’.

I tried 2 nail paint from this range

  • Hot Hot Hot
                Its hot pink color which surprisingly suits me alot. A perfect color for Fridays.

  • Peachy
               As the name suggests it a pleasant peach color. It sits somewhere peach and bright coral, 
              which  made me gravitate towards this shade. A work safe color when you don’t want to
              wear boring nudes.
              I loved ‘Peachy’ so much that the first thought as I applied it was “I need to get a backup for this”


Its a breeze to apply with no streak marks or visible brush strokes. I wore this with Cutex Base Coat and observed wearing at the tips very next day. Now, this was a let down for such a fantastic performing color. It might perform better with a top coat, but I can’t find mine in all this business of moving house.

What I like about it
  • Varied Color Range
  • Ease to apply
  • An last but not least price. In Coles it retails at $5AUD each with all time offer of 3 for price of 2.
What I don’t like
I just wished that it lasted a bit more long nails
Would I recommend it :  Oh yes!! A definite range to try especially when you can sneak it into grocery basket.

Availability : Coles
Price : $5AUD each with all time offer of 3 for price of 2