Sunday, October 31, 2010

Diwali Party Look

I was invited to a Diwali gathering last evening and this is what I wore there

This was after 3 changes of Saree. I was so tired by the end of it and I couldn't bother what I wore in the end.I just wanted to get ready and go to the party.

And now the pictures of the actual look and the list of products used


Moisturizer( any which you use on regular basis)
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
NARS Sheer Glow foundation in Barcelona
Clinique Compact Powder in Nude Beige for setting the foundation
MAC Pro longwear concealer in NC35
NARS Laguna bronzer for contouring
MAC Desert Rose Blush
Benefit Moon Beam for highlighting
MAC Fix+ at the end to fix everything
( Sorry for the hazy pictures)


Urban Decay Primer Potion
Any loose powder to smooth the eyelid
MAC tan pigment all over the eye till crease
MAC Cranberry in the outer part of the eye
MAC Embark in the crease and outer corner
MAC Texture to blend the harsh lines
Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in black as eyeliner
Chanel Kohl
Milani liquify eye pencil in brown for lower lash line
NARS Bali eyeshadow to fill the eyebrows


The picture was after eating and drinking which explains the slight fading of colour

MAC Spice lip pencil to line and fill the lips
MAC Twig lipstick
Maybelline Color Sensational Gloss

And, I was ready to go to the party....yay for party times!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Random Post

Can someone please tell me what is Aishwarya wearing in this..

It looks hideous **shudders**

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Apple is good

MAC blush Bite Of An Apple was released as part of Venomous Villains Collections. I had seen the swatch first at Temptlia and fell in love right away

Packaging :
As part of Disney collection the packaging has characters from the Disney Villains.This blush has the wicked queen from Snow White
She certainly looks to be having some villiany on her mind

Colour :

Bright coral pink. It works well even with warmer tones

Texture :
Matte powder

What I like
-> The fact that colour is bright without being scary.
-> I can use it to look healthy and happy on days when i feel "I don't care whats happening around me or about anything"
-> It's easy to blend
-> Not much product is to be used to get the desire effect. Colour payoff is great

What I don't like
Nothing so far

My Two pence:

If you looking for a bright matte blush, this is a good pick without looking like a clown. Just a swirl of brush and sweep on cheek.. U are done !!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Freebies + Haul + Pics

I know I know...I am very late but still...its better late than never
Remember I had mentioned about freebies( and Haul) which I got in Myer opening, below is the pic of those.

Something about these brands


This is a skincare brand with mainly natural ingredients.I chanced upon this when I was trying to get a facial done.There store in South Yarra has amazing facials.
I have used there moisturizing cream and face wash. Loved both of them



This is my first foray in this branch so don't have much to say.But I am loving it this far.





This is my first eye pencil from this brand.Have liked their foundation, sunblock,, I think I will like this too

Laura Mercier

Never tried this far but have great things about LM tinted moisturiser. I had received a sample of TM ( Nude) but can't find it to take a pic. :-(

Review of Benefit & Clinique coming soon

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Colours of Nature

This post is not makeup related
If you follow me on Twitter ( you would be knowing that I was tossing up between going to Chaddy or to Bunnings. Finally we decided to go to Bunnings as we had to get some pots for the sunflower seedlings.

And the result of all our efforts( Me & Mr. M)

Only 2 plants are new addition , most of them have been re potted

Monday, October 18, 2010

NOTD / Review : Rimmel Lycra Pop Rose

While lazily meandering in the department store, I saw Rimmel with 20% off and I started finding a excuse to buy something.
Just then I remembered that ‘S’ had earlier mentioned about a pink nail paint he had seen a girl wearing. Now, what can be a better excuse then “ you know what, I am buying a nail paint cause ‘S’ wants it …hehehe”

I know, I know how it sounds…but I still had to get it. So, I picked Rimmel Lycra Pop Rose.

What I liked:
 the brush is nice and wide
 its easy to apply without getting in cuticles
 the colour is obtained in 2 applications only
 it’s a nice bright pink ( more of a summer shade)
 I saved the best for last…there was hardly any chipping after 5 days of household chore, typing, texting and the whole shebang

What I didn’t like:
 There was nothing to dislike about it

Friday, October 15, 2010

Myer Bourke Street Opening

So as you guys must be knowing, I was at the Myer Bourke Street opening yesterday.
Few of the attractions of the opening were

-> Fashion show showcasing the latest spring racing fashion
-> Swimwear launch
-> Fashion designers like Nicola Finetti answering the questions and giving tips on the latest trends
-> Q & A for fascinators and hats
-> Nail Bar by Essie
-> Refreshment which included Bubbly and some nibbles. Myer had ensured that there was a constant supply of these

And last but not the least former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins herself was present there talking all about fashion. She is so pretty and cool. In fact she was on the floor like others ( unlike other celebs who throw tantrums)and waving to everyone. Also, the credit goes to people who didn't bother her and let her be in elements.
We saw her so close that it was unbelievable. And she is reallllyyy very pretty...just like a real like Barbie

Things I notice about her makeup : She has used mainly bronzer to contour her cheeks and highlight to get the glow from within look. Eyes were very natural smokey and her hair set in curls

Also present there was winner of Australia's Next Top Model 2010, Amanda Ware,the face of Levis Curve. When she passed by me, I gasped seeing her waist...its so thin and then I looked at mine and thought "Levis Curve needs to road test their jeans on me and not thin waisted models"

Australian Fashion Designers , the fashionistas and some models were also on the floor.It was like walking into one of the beauty mags....just so amazing

Benefit had done the makeup of the models and were moving with a tray for Makeup Sampling

As part of this , Myer has given 10% off Cosmetics and few other discounts(which I don't remember as I was more interested in make up)
Some of the brands like Aesop were offering goodie bags with lots of sample of skin care products. Aesop is a really great brand for skincare.

I have picked some beauties and the goodie bags, will showing them in a separate post

Looking around it was pretty clear that everyone was having a great time.
Kudos to Myer for organizing this.

P.S: I have pics in my phone, so will be uploading them once I transfer it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quick Update

Just back from Myer Bourke Street opening...It was an amazing experience..ohh so good...just loved some pretty goodies
And also got to see Jeniifer Hawkins up & close....

More updates later...too tired..need to sleep

I am so excited.....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Review : UltraBland Cleanser

I had got this as a sample in my last week haul and I have been using it religiously ever since. I think I can say now as to how it performed

What I like about it:

-> The texture is very nice and creamy.It almost feels like a face cream
-> Ingredients are mostly natural
-> It can remove the heaviest of eyemakeup
-> It doesn't sting the eye, atleast it didn't sting me
-> I don't have to tug my eye when using it
-> A little will last long so its real value for money

What I don't like about it :

I don't think so there is any cons about this

How I use it :
-> Take a pea nice and warm is between fingers
-> Apply all over eye with light hands
-> Move in your fingers in downward motions along the eyelashes
-> Then run a cotton bud along the waterline to remove any traces of kohl on the waterline
-> once all makeup has dissolved, wet a cotton pad and move it over your eyes. This removes the excess of the cleanser and the last traces of eyemakeup

Now you can proceed with your normal cleansing routine.

Will I buy it again : Yes. Infact once I run out of this sample, I am buying the full size.

Brand : Lush
Where can I buy : It can be bought at Lush store in Select City Walk, Delhi
If in Australia, it can be bought either online or in stores

Bhumika, thanks for asking me about the brand.I had forgotten to mention it

Its Haul Time !!!!

First the pics of what I bought last weekend

30% off on jewellery at David Jones generally means that I will be picking up new earrings. I absolutely love earrings and generally try to coordinate it with whatever dress I wear. So, last Saturday while walking through David Jones, I noticed the sale and started browsing. The best thing about this sale is that you have a great range of earrings to choose from even though its a sale.I generally wait for this sale to pick up some nice bargains. After all what more can you ask when you get great quality,brand at low price.Its win win.
Mr. M picked all the four earrings, but my most favourite on is the long one with silver leaf and pear(its not real ;-)). I can already see myself wearing this quite often.

On Friday, the same weekend we were strolling in shopping centre after work.Just as we were about leave Mr.M said "Look at your skin its looking so dry and patchy". Now I already knew that my skin was not in a very happy condition so what he said touched me even more. And even before I realised I was in Lush store talking to this nice helpful guy.I explained him my skin type(dry sensitive) and my concerns. On his suggestion I bought 2 Lush products

-> Aqua Marina daily cleanser
-> Oatifix facepack.

He also gave me samples for

-> Angels on Bare Skin ( exfoliant)
-> Ultrabland cleanser ( makeup remover).

And the highest point of my haul was Too Faced Natural Eye Palette..tadaaa....
I will review this seperately, but if you are all for neutrals then this is one for you.

And thus ended the haul drought :-)

Friday, October 8, 2010

I feel like a Super Hero

Okay Okay..before you get any I haven't been bestowed with any super power.But then you ask why I feel like super hero ??

Cause, just like all superhero I have a mundane(okay not so mundane),regular job.But come evening, when I am checking all my beauty blogs,I am a totally different person. There is different world where like minded people get together and talk about stuff they like.You get excited reading about some new product, you like some look and want to try it out or simply enjoy the little tales told by fellow bloggers. I thoroughly enjoy it. Infact I look forward to it.

I have bookmarked by most loved blogs and first thing I do is to visit all of them whether or not they have had a recent post.

Although, I wear makeup to work and most of my friends know my love for it, but I haven't told them about this blog.
This is one place where I come and spin a web of lemmings,fly to see beautiful look and read great stuff.

I love feeling like Super hero and I want to be like it

Monday, October 4, 2010

I regret buying.....

Aren't there some products which make you think "What was I thinking while buying this"
Revlon Silver Screen nailpaint is just one of them. Every time when I see it my nailpaint collection, I wonder "Can,I ever make this work?"

The problem is not just the color..but also that is streaks like there is no tomorrow.I have tried with base coat, without base coat, nothing can make this streak free

I have almost given up on this.

How did the challenge go ????

As the people reading this blog would be knowing that I had gone on a 21day challenge of not buying anything.
The question is how did I perform and what did I learn

Regarding, how I performed,I would say it was a good effort considering the number of temptations I had around me.

Almost every other store was having some sale or some event.But, no, yours truly, managed to keep all temptations at bay.Most of you would be knowing that this is not easy. It requires alot of self determination to walk away from a bargain bin ( with oh to die for nailpaints) and MAC collections( imagine I was able to dodge Fabulous Felines).
Being on ban didn't mean that I avoided department stores or malls. I went there, swatched , drooled and loved but all with the resolution "I am not buying anything if not absolutely necessary". And I was also not finding any lame excuses to make it necessary.

I think the technique to this challenge was

-> go through the stash before starting the challenge
-> before buying anything think if you actually need it
-> Try to think if you have anything similar already with you
-> Would you be using it often (eg: highlighter) or you are buying it cause blogworld is abuzz about it
-> Don't buy anything the first time you like or want to buy. Go back home, sleep over it and then see if the desire to buy it is even there after few days.

The last point, I do often and it really works for me.

Now, to what I learned

-> 'No shopping' challenge is really hard especially when you have MAC LE editions
-> No sale is the 'last one'. There would always be another sale. So,its not absolute necessary to buy in a sale
-> It makes more sense to buy something when you actually need it rather than buying useless stuff just because its on sale
-> The feeling of being able to walk away from something you swatched and loved is amazing
-> Its specially hard when you are having either emotional highs or lows
-> First week was the hardest but once I was in, I was actually enjoying and trying hard to win the challenge.

So,yes, I have tamed ( atleast for time being ) my unsatiable desire to buy more things.

Bye,till I see you next time

P.S : I have hauled few things this weekend. So you can expect a haul post soon
P.P.S : I am not expert on anything, everything mentioned is just my experience.