Friday, September 17, 2010

I always knew this.....

There was a fact which I knew long before I knew the difference between Kajal and eyeliner.....and the fact is.....I love nailpolish....I can never ever have bare nails...

I have tried it many times, but I have failed miserably.

Yesterday night I cleaned by nails and since they were yellow stained, I thought I will give it a break.
So,I went to work without any nailpaint.

While busy working, I noticed a small chip in my thumb nail.....and that was enough.I started playing with it and before I knew, my nail was broken in half.

Knowing myself well, I rushed to drugstore to get a nail file and filed all my nails to minimum possible length. My resolve was still strong not to paint my nails.

Till..i saw a girl in my train wearing a nice pink lilac nailpaint.Even without realising my mind ran a quick google search of my nailpaint collection and found a colour close to it.
And with this my friends, my resolve not to paint my nails didn't even last 24 hours.

I love painting my nails.

What about you have any such obsession ???

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Any suggestions ??

Hey open question to all..

-> How do you guys take pictures of the looks you do ??
-> What camera do you use ??
-> Do you take the picture in natural light ??
-> Any trips or tricks ??

My problem is that my eye makeup looks good in person but never captured in picture.This really puts me off...

So any suggestions please ???
And I present to you the haul which broke the camel's back and made me resolve not to buy anythng for 21 days. It was nothing about the things itself but it was the last before I went on the challenge

I had bought all Inglot products except for Revlon nailpaint. Got for myself 2 Inglot nailpaint, a cream blush and lipstick. I have already tried most of these stuff except for 1 nailpaint.
I have been wearing the blush everyday and its beautiful.In fact I will do a full review on it.I had picked this on sale, might go in today and see if they have more colors on sale.

And I picked these pretty darlings ( the coral pink & green ballet shoes) really cheap but they are so comfortable and cute. Real cutesy.
The taupe brown shoe is perfect for both formal and casual outings.

So, this is what I have got till I see you next time.

Day 4,5 & 6

It has mostly been uneventful...just made a list of few things I might swatch/buy.In fact yesterday I was at a department store, I could control my urge to buy MAC Old Gold pigment (its beautifulll...)and suck up on some Revlon GWP.
It felt good to be able to not buy anything inspite of liking so many.

My list of current lemmings

laura mercier cortisabe stick gloss
chanel intmitable mascara
dior high shine charmed pink 578 ( Rati, I have to blame you for this)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Manic Monday : Nailpaint

Okay..its not Monday..but its okay. You know what they say 'Better late than never'.

Today, I present to you Revlon Gray Suede, a shade launched as part of their Spring collection.

What I like about it

-> very gentle nude colour for Indian women.Most colours which I have tried earlier made my hand look so old, dark and ghastly. But not this one.
-> very easy to apply
-> streak free finish
-> colour is opague only in 2 coats
-> very chic and great for office goers...

What I don't like

-> I can't think of any

The paint in bottle looks to have some gold reflects, but there is no shimmer when applied on nails. Atleast , I couldn't see any.

I think, my quest for a nude nailpaint has come to stop with Gray Suede

Monday, September 6, 2010

First 3 days....

Day 1

One of my colleague wasn’t feeling well today. So, I volunteered to get some medicine for him.
Now, for some one who is on ‘No Shopping’ challenge, this was a no-go zone. I could have bought medicine for convenience store, but I walked one city block to a drugstore.

I lingered and savoured the sight of all the makeup/skincare product before I picked up his medicine. While walking back, I saw the clearance basket for Loreal Color riche lipcolor. Picked up , swatched , loved it and then kept it back. I didn’t buy it. It was such a good feeling to be able to control the urge to buy a new lippie. Yay

I thought I had averted the danger..but it struck at the payment counter..there sitting was a cute lip palm..and the girl at counter said 'We have a minimum purchase on credit purchase'...and thats when I could hear myself saying...'Ok, give me the lipbalm too'.
And thats my friend how easily the shopping demon struck.

But to my defence
-> its not easy to break a habit so deeply set in
-> and that lipbalm was for good cause

Day 2

It was uneventful. Just browsing blogs and making mental list of stuff I am liking or I need to swatched.

Day 3

Swatched Body shop's kohl...didn't love them..very 'meh'
Got a free gift from NARS...a mini lipgloss trio...loving it..its so pretty looking in the package that I don't want to use it

Hmm..thats my challenge so far...

Bye, till I see u next time

21 Days Challenge

Hmm..Okay, the buyer’s guilt has set in.
I feel this way every time I have bought something new, I resolve not to buy anything more and still end up buying new stuff.

So, today I have resolved to break this vicious cycle. And break it hard.

What do I aim to do: Not buy anything for 21 days. Absolutely nothing except for daily survival stuff like grocery, tickets etc.

1. Nothing is to be bought for myself
2. Gifts can be bought

How do I plan to do it:

 Buying for others doesn’t mean I should buy for myself
 Going to mall doesn’t mean I should buy something
 Swatching something doesn’t mean that I should have it
 Stress at work shouldn’t result in trip to local drugstore
 Not to be taken in by various sales & promotion
 Make a sensible list of things I would buy after this ban is lifted
 Going through my current stash

The reason why I am doing this is not because I have too much makeup (cause let me accept, it will never happen. There will always be something which I would need)

I want to break the cycle of mindless shopping. I need to coach myself to pick up stuff which I really need and not which I ‘need’.

To help myself, I will post every day as to how I am holding up. I would also share with you what I might be lemming (that will definitely happen even if I am not shopping!!!)

I also plan to do following series of post

Manic Monday: Nail paint from the stash will be featured
Boring Tuesday: Eyeliner from the stash will be featured
Humpy Wednesday: Eye shadow / Eye shadow palette will be featured
Oh so close Thursday: Lipstick from the stash will be featured
TGI Friday : Gloss from the stash will be featured
Happy Saturday: List of things I swatched or formed a lemming for or anything random
Wow Sunday: Eye Look

I also bought few treats yesterday, will share them with you in next post

Bye, Till next post