Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pump up the Stereo.....Rose

Yes..yes...I know every one in blogworld is talking about this beauty...and I also had to give in my 2 cents...
You ask why...cause I just love it.

When this was released in US and I read the hype, I initially thought...naah this must again be one of those overhyped product. I was not even sure that I would be picking it up when it was launched here.

Now, last week when I was in NZ, I just walked to the MAC...and lo and behold they had the MAC In The Groove collection....How could I have walked past without swatching the 'STEREO ROSE'. So, I walked in, swatched on my arm...and it was an instant love.


Very subtle coral pink colour

What I loved about it

-> The glitter particles aren't too chunky
-> There is not much fall off
-> It doesn't look powdery
-> Staying power is great
-> Gives the much after glowy cheek
-> And the best of all....just the right amount of color

What I don't love about it

-> That its a LE item :-(

How I apply it

Just tap my blush brush on it and apply on my cheekbone

I loved it so much that I bought a backup as soon as I reached home.

And now to the Stereo Rose on yours truly


  1. Ooh it looks soooo pretty!!!!!!! It is sold out online here which is my only access atm darn it! But I can live vicariously through everyone elses gorgeous pictures of it :)

  2. Maddy how much did it cost? its really pretty:)

  3. @Anamika : Its 58 NZ Dollar

    @G.G.G : Thanks alot :-)

  4. thats great me too bought it with "by candelight" will receive soon ... good to see on you dear :)

  5. @ rashmi : Thank you..It means big coming from our MAC queen..hehehe