Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review : Lanolips 101

I have always been tormented with dry flaky lips all year round and its gets worse when its cold.I can't tell you how bad it is, I can't wear lipstick and it hurts.
So, in one of my trips to Priceline I picked up this little gem, "The Original Lanolips"

What I liked

-> The consistency. It thinner than vaseline and is easy to spread on lips
-> There is no smell or taste which is a big plus
-> There is no sensation of any sorts when applied
-> Use it overnight and it works magic

What I didn't like

-> It can't be worn under lipstick, so I have to mostly wear it overnight or when I have no lipcolor
-> It has to be applied using fingers as there is no slanted tips. This is real pain
when travelling and you want to reapply it

But,all in all, its a great product for people who are out there with dry lips.

Price : Approx $17.00 AUD ( I have had this for long so the price is an approximation)

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  1. Looks like a good one! thanks for the review:)
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