Saturday, April 9, 2011

Face Of Australia :LUXE Summer Spice

What does a girl do, when she needs little pick me up...she goes to the local drugstore and buys the much sought after nail colour.

So, with this thought I headed to local Priceline to get my hands on Face Of Australia LUXE nail paints. But, being limited edition and so popular and yours truly being so late to the party, there was none left :-((

Suddenly I became a girl with mission, mission to acquire if not all at least 1 nail paint from the much loved collection.

And after scouring many stores, I got my hands on this beauty. The Face Of Australia LUXE nail paint in Summer Spice

Please excuse the shoddy application, I couldn't wait to clean up before taking the pics.

My experience with it : I think the praise is much deserved.

What I liked about it :

-> The formula is oh so smooth and so easy to apply
-> 2 coats and I got perfect application without any baldy patches
-> It dries super quick
-> Color is so bright and perfect pick me up

What I didn't like about it :

-> With something so good, this should be made part of permanent line

It retails at $4.95 AUD at Priceline.

P.S : And no I didn't break my no spend challenge, I used a gift voucher !!


  1. I LOVE FOA Luxe nail polishes! I got my hands on the entire range and I should blog about it soon...their new range Molten Metallics is oh so hot so dont miss out - next month it launches :)

  2. Such a pretty colour.
    I haven't tried a single FOA Luxe polish (on a spending ban so not allowed to buy any) but all the reviews I've seen, they look great! Xo

  3. @Ling : I am holding on till Molten Metallics comes out