Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Coral Quest : Ciccone Oceanus

Ciccone Oceanus is the most talked about and popular lipstick in the range amongst the blogger. This got better of me and I wanted to see how it fared in my quest.

Its a beautiful pale coral color with smooth texture. But, yes the 'but'....on my pigmented lips the finish was not smooth and I had to swipe it couple of times to get the smoothness. I think this is only because of my lips and it would be great for non pigmented lips.
I also feel that its doesn't have the same color payoff as its siblings from the range.

It might not be the 'perfect coral' but I can see myself wearing it as a wash of color on my lips this summer.

For comparison between previously featured lipsticks, I will be posting their pictures too. So, below is the swatch of Bobbi Brown Sweet Nectar.

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