Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spending Habits

At times we are forced to acquire some behavior/habits which in hindsight are good for us. Since I have been staying at home mostly, my spending habits have changed a great deal.
I have been forced to look for online options rather than department stores and I prefer the former.

You remember, I had done a 21 days challenge as an effort to control my mindless spending. Now, lets be real its not easy. Being a makeup addict, its hard to pass the counter with beautiful displays or not hit the 'checkout' button. But, I have come up with set of tricks( flow chart) which work for me. It may sound ridiculous but believe me it works for me and makes dollar stretch for me. Now, hardly any purchase is done on spur of a moment.

Each time I want to buy something, it goes through sieve of these questions.

  • Do I need it ??
         If I need it, like a skincare or concealer etc. no further questions are asked, items are purchased.
         Its a different story when its a 'want'. And most of the time its a 'want'.

  • Do I have something similar already ??
          A new purchase is made only if anything similar doesn't exist in my collection. I am not buying it just
          because its on sale or I am getting it as part of good deal.
          For example, seeing the swatches of Illamasqua Neutral Palette, I really wanted it and had almost hit
          checkout on ASOS when I realized that I have UD Naked Palette. The transaction was cancelled.

  • How am I going to use it ??
          There is no point buying something and not using it enough.
          For example, I had a serious lemming for MAC Skinfinish in Superb. I won't deny its pretty but
          I am not sure if I can wear it during day time. I hardly go out during nights so I knew this won't get
          the use it deserved.
          A lemming was weeded out.

  • Can I get it online ?? 
          If I can get it online, I am not buying it in store. Seriously, the Australian markups get me all worked
          up. I mean how, can you explain Revlon Lip Butter retailing at $21.95 AUD when you can get the 
          same for less than $ 8 USD...almost 3 times the price !!!! I think the drugstore brands
          ( excluding Face Of Australia, Australis) are really taking us for a ride.
          Why should I spend this kind of money in store when I can get way cheaper online ??
          I buy makeup in store only when there is a fabulous offer, like buy one get one free or when I have 
          a gift card.

  • Can this purchase wait ??
          I have lost count of times when I have bought something just because its 'Limited Edition'. Not,
          anymore. No, I am not going to fall for this trick. I will buy it only if its really special. If something
          is from permanent range, it can always wait. I sleep over them.

  • Conjure up the mental image of existing makeup collection and how you use it
          This came to me by complete chance. I was arranging my dresser and it made it sick realizing the
          amount of makeup I have piled up. Having them is not bad, what makes it sickening is that I hardly
          get a chance to use them. Just to highlight the fact,  I have used Chanel Ombres Perlees de Chanel 
          only twice and there is a Burberry foundation still in its packaging.
          When everything fails then all I need to think is of existing makeup and walk away.

Do you have anything that works for you ???


  1. very nice post and I kind of need to follow these will help me have great products without spending much!!

  2. i strictly need to follow these rules.. lol

    1. I am glad you liked the post. I have saved so much and still bought beautiful make up. Give it a try and let me know how you go about.