Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Baby Step

Hmm....and I am feeling jittery.

Why, you ask ? For past 1 year I have been a silent citizen of beauty blog world and today I have decided to become a part of the group.

I sat on the bench and watched every one blogging about beauty, skincare and everything which was important to them.

And over a period of time, I developed a sense of kinship with them. I would silently follow their best tips, feel happy when they hauled something new, watched and learned from them.

Before I came to this world, I couldn't even apply eyeliner with steady hand and I didn't know things like eyeshadow base and primer existed. I was so ignorant that I would walk past MAC stand in the store, cause I was so initmidated by the sheer large amount of colours and all SAs walking so prepped up.

But ( thanks to the beauty blog world), now I make sure I always stop not only at MAC counter but others too.

So, after long contemplation, I decided to give back whatever I have learned in past one year.

I may not be entirely accurate, you may not agree with me all time and I don't intend to bring bad name to any brand.

Anything here would be just my experience with a particular brand/product.

So, wish me luck and here I start my journey

Bye, Till Next Time

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