Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I just can't stand it

There is something I really want to blog about..something I just can't stand....and thats men with long nail...its such a turnoff. I was talking to a guy at my work about something critical, some thing really important and thats when I see his nails..long...although they were clean...yet..yuckk..at that point I almost stop hearing whatever he is saying and all I can think of is 'Why doesn't he cut his nails ? Can I cut a nailcutter to cut his nails ??' eewww...

This is the reason I make sure that Mr. has his nails always nicely trimmed ..never big..why can't everyone does the same.

This made me thinking what are other things which are such big turnoff.

This is mine. Whats yours ????

Bye Till Next Time

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