Monday, June 21, 2010

False Lash Effect with Mascara

Few days back, I had done my eye make up ( and I spent a lot of time doing it), when my sister commented " Have you used false lashes ?'

My heart lept with joy and I emphatically denied her claims "No, its just the mascara". This meant that she was after my life to know how I did it cause she has tiny lashes.

The key to best mascara application is a good mascara, light hand application and an eyelash curler.

The steps I follow to get the false lash effect are

1. Light handed application of mascara right from the base

I had used, Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Image Source :

2. Curl the lashes using a curler. I used Bodyshop eyelash curler

Image source :

3. Apply mascara again and Voila you are done !!!!

This has always worked for me, let me know if this helps you or if  you have some other tip

So, Bye Till Next Time

P.S : Sorry guys I had been too lazy to take pictures of my products, so I picked few from internet with due credit

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