Monday, June 21, 2010

I am back

Hey gals ( if there is someone reading this....), I am just back from a long vacation.

I was so busy over the last few weeks, but never faraway from makeup & skincare products :-)

I have hauled from almost every single place I have been in past 6 weeks....there are so many things to write about that I am not sure where to start.

Nevertheless , I will start and try to post my 2 cents on everything I bought.

Please excuse, my half baked writing as I am dead tired by the a long day at work

So, Bye Till Next time


  1. there is no follower link on your blog?

  2. Hey!!!

    First time on your blog..and like you i am too hooked to body shop products...:)

  3. Welcome Anamika....and yes, I visit your blog often..specially loved the video about aloe vera