Monday, December 13, 2010


It’s been long since my last post. Few things have happened since.
I have turned a year older…hopefully wiser as well.
I have got a new haircut…nothing too drastic just a little change
I was also occupied with work and other things in life.
I have got new followers…Welcome all and thanks for stopping by and putting your comments. As a blogger it’s very encouraging to see that someone actually reads what we write.

For past few days, I am feeling very little inspired to do make up or try any look. It’s the usual liner and that’s it. The only thing which I have been wearing daily is the Illamasqua Cream foundation (Review coming soon!!)

I plan to try some new looks this weekend…lets see how it goes

And, last but not least, my birthday present..15 MAC brushes...all from permanent

Isn’t it gorgeous…absolutely love it.

I also bought some make up as part of birthday pampering

-> Illamasqua Cream Foundation
-> Illamasqua Lipstick Climax
-> Chanel Nailpaints Paradoxal
-> Chanel Nailpaint

Can you believe, I have still not tried most of the stuff except of the foundation **sighs**


  1. WOW! Amazing present, lucky you! Highly recommend the 187 (not sure if that's one of them but it looks like it), couldn't live without that brush :-D Looking forward to the Illamasqua foundation review!

  2. @Leanne : Thanks !!!. Yes its 187. I have been using 187 which came last year with holiday collection..its really great to create the airbrushed look..Can't wait to use this one

  3. awesome haul :-)..
    belated birthday wishes dear :-)) ..

  4. @ShoppinginBengaluru : Thanks :-))

  5. What an amazing gift!! It all looks awesome :D

  6. @Tanveer : Thanks...and the best part was that it was a complete surprise...I had no clue about it

  7. Hi Maddy, sorry I'm visiting after a long time (had many comp problems). A very belated happy B'day. The brushes look awesome! Congrats..I'm totally drooling.