Monday, September 12, 2011

My Zuneta Order

What is a better way to cheer up and de-stress than some online shopping ?? So, when Sarah from Dempeaux tweeted about free shipping from Zuneta, I quickly jumped on the site. Now,being in Australia means that some of the international brands are not available here and we are left out from all the fun. This was a good opportunity to take a dip and try some new brands.

With useful recs from ever helpful Sarah, I ordered following
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge For Love of Roses Original Skin Blush in Orpheline

  • Edward Bess Compact Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Island Rose

  • EOS Lipbalm
  • Rosebud Salve

I will try to do a post as I use them.

A note on the Zuneta service...they are awesome...I had placed my order on 27th August and received the package on 07th September. It was neatly packed with a sample of Rahua Hair Conditioner.

Did you get something from Zuneta ??


  1. I agree with Rakhshanda! Check out that blush, so pretty!! *_*

  2. I also got EB Island Rose! Isn't it just beautiful?

  3. hey girl i am waiting for the swatches n review!!

  4. Nice haul Maddy - i look forward to hearing what you think of them.

  5. @Rakshanda, @Celina : Thanks girls, its indeed pretty, infact so pretty that I can't get myself to swatch it.

    @Jen, @Chloeblue : Thanks !!

    @Anon : Sure, will try to post as soon I start using them