Friday, October 21, 2011

Back to Blogging with Sizzling Taupe

My life has been busy with many things happening at the same time. A newborn and moving to new house meant that I was all over the place. There were so many things to manage that blogging took a hit. I always felt guilty about ignoring my blog. So, I decided, that I would try to evolve a schedule in which blogging also gets its due time.

Today, I woke up with a resolve to write something only to realise that writing a post after such a long time is real hard. I am so unsure where to start, what to write and if it will be good enough to be posted. Anyways, I will start with something simple and then take it from there.

Few months ago, I bought my first Estee Lauder nailpaint, Sizzling Taupe. It a beautiful taupe color which applies like a dream.

What I like about it :

  • The color is sophistication packed in a bottle. You just can't go wrong with it
  • It dries pretty quick
  • There are no brush stroke marks
What I don't like :

  • I just wished it wasn't retailing at $39 AUD

Would I recommend it : Ofcourse.In fact I plan to get more from this range

Availability: Estee Lauder Counters in DJ, Myer
Price: $39 AUD

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