Monday, October 31, 2011

Review : Kink Nail Paint

What Company website says

For a popping pedi or an on-trend mani, Kink’s vibrant range of Nail Polishes cannot be beaten. Coming in a 10ml bottle, this streak-free formula resists chipping, is free from toluene, formaldehyde and di butyl phthalate, and is available in 16 colours ranging from creamy pinks to vibrant corals and vampy darks.


Its quite standard nail paint packaging


Even though there are only 16 colors, the range is quite varied from work safe ‘Nearly Nude’ to fun loving ‘Showgirl’ or ‘Hot Hot Hot’.

I tried 2 nail paint from this range

  • Hot Hot Hot
                Its hot pink color which surprisingly suits me alot. A perfect color for Fridays.

  • Peachy
               As the name suggests it a pleasant peach color. It sits somewhere peach and bright coral, 
              which  made me gravitate towards this shade. A work safe color when you don’t want to
              wear boring nudes.
              I loved ‘Peachy’ so much that the first thought as I applied it was “I need to get a backup for this”


Its a breeze to apply with no streak marks or visible brush strokes. I wore this with Cutex Base Coat and observed wearing at the tips very next day. Now, this was a let down for such a fantastic performing color. It might perform better with a top coat, but I can’t find mine in all this business of moving house.

What I like about it
  • Varied Color Range
  • Ease to apply
  • An last but not least price. In Coles it retails at $5AUD each with all time offer of 3 for price of 2.
What I don’t like
I just wished that it lasted a bit more long nails
Would I recommend it :  Oh yes!! A definite range to try especially when you can sneak it into grocery basket.

Availability : Coles
Price : $5AUD each with all time offer of 3 for price of 2

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  1. Love Peachy on your skin tone, hot as! I love most orange shades, I wear them to death but think I need even more;)