Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review : Australis Double Decker Eye Duo

What Company website says

Rich highly pigmented metallic eyeshadow cream and ethereal, multidimensional loose powder for luxe eye looks. Contains Beeswax that assists in conditioning the skin


 As the evident from the product name the packaging consists of 2 decks with the bottom one screwed to the top section.
The top section contains the cream component of the duo while the bottom one has loose powder which works perfectly with the cream color


The cream eyeshadow is a beautiful dark chocolate color with very fine copper shimmer.
The loose powder is copper bronze colored. When the cream eyeshadow and the powder are paired together they create a dark chocolate color with copper/bronze shimmer.

Cream + Powder        Powder       Cream


What a genius of product!! Seriously one product and you are able to create an easy but yet impressive eye look. It seems Australis has got a genius in their product ideas team. No more counter filled with endless eye shadows, pigments etc.just one item and you are done.
Now to actual performance, its very easy to use and apply and blends quite well.
The only negative which I observed was creasing, but I think if a good primer is used one can get more hours of wear without creasing.
I could get only 2 hours without creasing with MAC Paint Pot

What I like about it :
  • Color Selection offered by Australis
  • The concept of offering both cream and powder in one package
  • Ease of use
What I don’t like                                                                  

The fact that I couldn’t get longer hours of wear without creasing

Would I recommend it : 

Even though with issues of creasing, I would recommend this, simply because its a good concept and easy to use when short on time.

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