Monday, June 13, 2011

I think I shop too much..

Okay, please don't think that I am bragging about all the shopping I have done. I am doing this post more in an attempt to keep a check on my lemmings and their conversion to quick depleting bank balance. It seems ( in fact it is true) that I have got an insatiable desire for shopping and I feel I need every product which is raved about.
And somehow I find ways to rationalise the shopping also.

So, I have decided to do posts on whatever I have shopped in a month and then view it before buying any more.
I will also do post on any slip ups...its more like putting myself out there to be corrected.

I personally think, it would help me, if I can see  my previous shopping ( and not think in my head, that I haven't bought anything for long) before doing any more.
Again, please don't mistake this as bragging, I am really try to fix something here.

Here, is all the shopping I have done in month of June till now.

I got these from Priceline 50% off Bourjois Sale.
Items in pics
  • Healthy Mix Gel Serum Foundation in no. 56
  • 3D lipgloss in no.04
  • Felt Tip Liner in black
  • Duochrome eyeliner in no.57
  • Sweet Kiss Lipstick in Rose Corset
  • Ultra Shine Nail Polish in Cerise Noir
  • Anti Choc No Chips Nail Polish

Items are

  • Nivea Creme in Tin
  • Nivea Creme in tub
  • Cutex 2 in 1 base coat
  • Face Of Australia Nail Polish Remover

They are 3 eyeshadows from theBalm.

2 nail paints from Nicole By OPI

Items are

  • MAC Powerpoint Pencil in Blue Noon from Surf Baby Collection
  • MAC Satin finish lipstick in Mocha

Estee Lauder nailpaint in Sizzling Taupe

Other items which were purchased but I couldn't take their pics
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Hand & Body Lotion
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Lip Butter
  • Crush Cosmetics 120 eyeshadows palette
  • Elf angled eye brush
  • Elf blush brush
  • Elf eyebrow kit
  • Inglot eyeliner in navy blue
  • Chanel nailpaint in Morning Rose from Spring/Summer 2011 collection
  • Chanel Coco Shine in Bonheur
Now, that I have this here, I am going to refer to it before I have lemming for another hand cream or nail paint...

Edit : Not everything was bought in one was over a span of 2 weeks


  1. wow this is one month haul..i liked it :)

  2. @Anamika : There is still 17 more days to this month ;-)). I really need to watch my shopping

  3. I understand why you feel the need to do this. My spending has also been out of control for the past few of months. I haven't bought much makeup, but a lot of other unnecessary stuff. I remember that you had tried a shopping ban in the past? Had it helped you? I'm considering a ban, but I don't know if I'll be able to stick to it.

  4. @Poohkie : Spending ban helps but only while its there.Its like dieting..once you are off diet all you eat is burgers and fries

  5. Would love to see a review on the healthy mix gel when you get around to it :)

  6. I loved the 3D lipgloss in no.04 & Nivea Creme in tub.