Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MAC Surf Baby : Mocha

MAC repromoted Mocha lipstick from its Mickey Contractor Collection. Since I had missed out on the MC collection, I decided to get it from this release.

Finish : Satin

Color : Its a medium dark brown with a tones of red. Its a beautiful shade which would complement any olive tonned beauty.

Pigmentation : Having Satin finish means that the color payoff is great, one swipe is all you need to get the color.

Now, to what I didn't like about this lipstick. In fact its not about this lipstick its about the Satin Finish in MAC as such. Oh MAC !! why should you have just timeless colors in ever drying, line enhancing finish/formulation. First Twig now no its not fair...

If only this lipstick was not drying( my husband said "Lines on your lips are looking so obvious") it was a complete winner.

Would I recommend it : Yes because of color. A lip primer can take care of the lines and a gloss would handle the dryness.

I have compared the swatch with Face of Australia Mineral Shine Lipstick, First Kiss in below picture.I wouldn't say they are similar but First Kiss with a reddish brown lipliner might work the trick


  1. This colour looks good on you.

  2. @Anu : Thanks..I just hope it wasn't this drying

  3. oooooh love the color ..and looks gorgeous on u ..