Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Powerpoint EyePencil : Blue Noon

Even before I go in details of this little beauty from MAC Surf Baby Collection, let me tell you that this the 2nd Blue Noon pencil I have got from this collection. Yes, I love it so much !!

Color : Its a teal color with more blue. The beauty of a color like this one is that it can be used to brighten any eye look or just a splash of cool color on a hot summer day.
Its a beautiful color, but goes a little sheer but still enough pigmentation to get the look in 1-2 strokes

Texture : Smooth and creamy but still hold the shape while lining.

Would I recommend it : Oh yeah...didn't I say this is the 2nd Blue Noon. Although having said that, its not a must have , its more for girls who like their blues and greens