Monday, September 6, 2010

21 Days Challenge

Hmm..Okay, the buyer’s guilt has set in.
I feel this way every time I have bought something new, I resolve not to buy anything more and still end up buying new stuff.

So, today I have resolved to break this vicious cycle. And break it hard.

What do I aim to do: Not buy anything for 21 days. Absolutely nothing except for daily survival stuff like grocery, tickets etc.

1. Nothing is to be bought for myself
2. Gifts can be bought

How do I plan to do it:

 Buying for others doesn’t mean I should buy for myself
 Going to mall doesn’t mean I should buy something
 Swatching something doesn’t mean that I should have it
 Stress at work shouldn’t result in trip to local drugstore
 Not to be taken in by various sales & promotion
 Make a sensible list of things I would buy after this ban is lifted
 Going through my current stash

The reason why I am doing this is not because I have too much makeup (cause let me accept, it will never happen. There will always be something which I would need)

I want to break the cycle of mindless shopping. I need to coach myself to pick up stuff which I really need and not which I ‘need’.

To help myself, I will post every day as to how I am holding up. I would also share with you what I might be lemming (that will definitely happen even if I am not shopping!!!)

I also plan to do following series of post

Manic Monday: Nail paint from the stash will be featured
Boring Tuesday: Eyeliner from the stash will be featured
Humpy Wednesday: Eye shadow / Eye shadow palette will be featured
Oh so close Thursday: Lipstick from the stash will be featured
TGI Friday : Gloss from the stash will be featured
Happy Saturday: List of things I swatched or formed a lemming for or anything random
Wow Sunday: Eye Look

I also bought few treats yesterday, will share them with you in next post

Bye, Till next post


  1. All the best! I too am on a shopping ban these days, although not as tough as yours with no shopping for 21 days.. I know myself too well, I will fail if I try to quit cold turkey.

  2. @Tanveer : Thanks for dropping by.
    It surely isn't easy..but it has been good till now.