Monday, September 6, 2010

First 3 days....

Day 1

One of my colleague wasn’t feeling well today. So, I volunteered to get some medicine for him.
Now, for some one who is on ‘No Shopping’ challenge, this was a no-go zone. I could have bought medicine for convenience store, but I walked one city block to a drugstore.

I lingered and savoured the sight of all the makeup/skincare product before I picked up his medicine. While walking back, I saw the clearance basket for Loreal Color riche lipcolor. Picked up , swatched , loved it and then kept it back. I didn’t buy it. It was such a good feeling to be able to control the urge to buy a new lippie. Yay

I thought I had averted the danger..but it struck at the payment counter..there sitting was a cute lip palm..and the girl at counter said 'We have a minimum purchase on credit purchase'...and thats when I could hear myself saying...'Ok, give me the lipbalm too'.
And thats my friend how easily the shopping demon struck.

But to my defence
-> its not easy to break a habit so deeply set in
-> and that lipbalm was for good cause

Day 2

It was uneventful. Just browsing blogs and making mental list of stuff I am liking or I need to swatched.

Day 3

Swatched Body shop's kohl...didn't love them..very 'meh'
Got a free gift from NARS...a mini lipgloss trio...loving it..its so pretty looking in the package that I don't want to use it

Hmm..thats my challenge so far...

Bye, till I see u next time

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