Sunday, September 12, 2010

And I present to you the haul which broke the camel's back and made me resolve not to buy anythng for 21 days. It was nothing about the things itself but it was the last before I went on the challenge

I had bought all Inglot products except for Revlon nailpaint. Got for myself 2 Inglot nailpaint, a cream blush and lipstick. I have already tried most of these stuff except for 1 nailpaint.
I have been wearing the blush everyday and its beautiful.In fact I will do a full review on it.I had picked this on sale, might go in today and see if they have more colors on sale.

And I picked these pretty darlings ( the coral pink & green ballet shoes) really cheap but they are so comfortable and cute. Real cutesy.
The taupe brown shoe is perfect for both formal and casual outings.

So, this is what I have got till I see you next time.


  1. @Sonia : Two reasons..I don't think I will be able to sustain this challenge longer than this.I am already finding it hard.
    Also there is a Rule of 21 , by which if you do something continuoulsy for 21 days it becomes your habit....