Monday, October 18, 2010

NOTD / Review : Rimmel Lycra Pop Rose

While lazily meandering in the department store, I saw Rimmel with 20% off and I started finding a excuse to buy something.
Just then I remembered that ‘S’ had earlier mentioned about a pink nail paint he had seen a girl wearing. Now, what can be a better excuse then “ you know what, I am buying a nail paint cause ‘S’ wants it …hehehe”

I know, I know how it sounds…but I still had to get it. So, I picked Rimmel Lycra Pop Rose.

What I liked:
 the brush is nice and wide
 its easy to apply without getting in cuticles
 the colour is obtained in 2 applications only
 it’s a nice bright pink ( more of a summer shade)
 I saved the best for last…there was hardly any chipping after 5 days of household chore, typing, texting and the whole shebang

What I didn’t like:
 There was nothing to dislike about it


  1. I love bright pink nails & I wear them year round. But no matter which brand I buy, it always chips within 1 day. And I don't even do much 'hand-work'!

  2. @Poohkie : Try Rimmel, I was really impressed by it.