Friday, October 15, 2010

Myer Bourke Street Opening

So as you guys must be knowing, I was at the Myer Bourke Street opening yesterday.
Few of the attractions of the opening were

-> Fashion show showcasing the latest spring racing fashion
-> Swimwear launch
-> Fashion designers like Nicola Finetti answering the questions and giving tips on the latest trends
-> Q & A for fascinators and hats
-> Nail Bar by Essie
-> Refreshment which included Bubbly and some nibbles. Myer had ensured that there was a constant supply of these

And last but not the least former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins herself was present there talking all about fashion. She is so pretty and cool. In fact she was on the floor like others ( unlike other celebs who throw tantrums)and waving to everyone. Also, the credit goes to people who didn't bother her and let her be in elements.
We saw her so close that it was unbelievable. And she is reallllyyy very pretty...just like a real like Barbie

Things I notice about her makeup : She has used mainly bronzer to contour her cheeks and highlight to get the glow from within look. Eyes were very natural smokey and her hair set in curls

Also present there was winner of Australia's Next Top Model 2010, Amanda Ware,the face of Levis Curve. When she passed by me, I gasped seeing her waist...its so thin and then I looked at mine and thought "Levis Curve needs to road test their jeans on me and not thin waisted models"

Australian Fashion Designers , the fashionistas and some models were also on the floor.It was like walking into one of the beauty mags....just so amazing

Benefit had done the makeup of the models and were moving with a tray for Makeup Sampling

As part of this , Myer has given 10% off Cosmetics and few other discounts(which I don't remember as I was more interested in make up)
Some of the brands like Aesop were offering goodie bags with lots of sample of skin care products. Aesop is a really great brand for skincare.

I have picked some beauties and the goodie bags, will showing them in a separate post

Looking around it was pretty clear that everyone was having a great time.
Kudos to Myer for organizing this.

P.S: I have pics in my phone, so will be uploading them once I transfer it.

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