Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Apple is good

MAC blush Bite Of An Apple was released as part of Venomous Villains Collections. I had seen the swatch first at Temptlia and fell in love right away

Packaging :
As part of Disney collection the packaging has characters from the Disney Villains.This blush has the wicked queen from Snow White
She certainly looks to be having some villiany on her mind

Colour :

Bright coral pink. It works well even with warmer tones

Texture :
Matte powder

What I like
-> The fact that colour is bright without being scary.
-> I can use it to look healthy and happy on days when i feel "I don't care whats happening around me or about anything"
-> It's easy to blend
-> Not much product is to be used to get the desire effect. Colour payoff is great

What I don't like
Nothing so far

My Two pence:

If you looking for a bright matte blush, this is a good pick without looking like a clown. Just a swirl of brush and sweep on cheek.. U are done !!!!