Friday, October 8, 2010

I feel like a Super Hero

Okay Okay..before you get any I haven't been bestowed with any super power.But then you ask why I feel like super hero ??

Cause, just like all superhero I have a mundane(okay not so mundane),regular job.But come evening, when I am checking all my beauty blogs,I am a totally different person. There is different world where like minded people get together and talk about stuff they like.You get excited reading about some new product, you like some look and want to try it out or simply enjoy the little tales told by fellow bloggers. I thoroughly enjoy it. Infact I look forward to it.

I have bookmarked by most loved blogs and first thing I do is to visit all of them whether or not they have had a recent post.

Although, I wear makeup to work and most of my friends know my love for it, but I haven't told them about this blog.
This is one place where I come and spin a web of lemmings,fly to see beautiful look and read great stuff.

I love feeling like Super hero and I want to be like it


  1. LOL Great post Maddy! I too do the same thing - log on & see who has written new post. And I haven't told anyone about my blog either - I'm too shy. But my brother knows (!!!), but only because he saw me creating the header & I had to tell him!

  2. same here guys..vry few ppl knw bout this blog thing lol..

  3. followin u chck ma blog aswell k..