Saturday, October 9, 2010

Its Haul Time !!!!

First the pics of what I bought last weekend

30% off on jewellery at David Jones generally means that I will be picking up new earrings. I absolutely love earrings and generally try to coordinate it with whatever dress I wear. So, last Saturday while walking through David Jones, I noticed the sale and started browsing. The best thing about this sale is that you have a great range of earrings to choose from even though its a sale.I generally wait for this sale to pick up some nice bargains. After all what more can you ask when you get great quality,brand at low price.Its win win.
Mr. M picked all the four earrings, but my most favourite on is the long one with silver leaf and pear(its not real ;-)). I can already see myself wearing this quite often.

On Friday, the same weekend we were strolling in shopping centre after work.Just as we were about leave Mr.M said "Look at your skin its looking so dry and patchy". Now I already knew that my skin was not in a very happy condition so what he said touched me even more. And even before I realised I was in Lush store talking to this nice helpful guy.I explained him my skin type(dry sensitive) and my concerns. On his suggestion I bought 2 Lush products

-> Aqua Marina daily cleanser
-> Oatifix facepack.

He also gave me samples for

-> Angels on Bare Skin ( exfoliant)
-> Ultrabland cleanser ( makeup remover).

And the highest point of my haul was Too Faced Natural Eye Palette..tadaaa....
I will review this seperately, but if you are all for neutrals then this is one for you.

And thus ended the haul drought :-)


  1. @Bhumika : I don't think that this brand has still come in India. Although you can try some online stores like,

  2. I love earrings & all of these are gorgeous. The pinkish-purple of the floral one is especially beautiful.

  3. Love those earrings!! It is heaven when you have such a great deal on accessories :)

  4. Sorry guys..for such late response

    @Natasha : Thanks.I know..its an absolute joy..such bargains..

    @Poohkie: Thanks.The floral one is the prettiest one..infact I am wearing it right now.Mr M chose that for me