Monday, October 4, 2010

How did the challenge go ????

As the people reading this blog would be knowing that I had gone on a 21day challenge of not buying anything.
The question is how did I perform and what did I learn

Regarding, how I performed,I would say it was a good effort considering the number of temptations I had around me.

Almost every other store was having some sale or some event.But, no, yours truly, managed to keep all temptations at bay.Most of you would be knowing that this is not easy. It requires alot of self determination to walk away from a bargain bin ( with oh to die for nailpaints) and MAC collections( imagine I was able to dodge Fabulous Felines).
Being on ban didn't mean that I avoided department stores or malls. I went there, swatched , drooled and loved but all with the resolution "I am not buying anything if not absolutely necessary". And I was also not finding any lame excuses to make it necessary.

I think the technique to this challenge was

-> go through the stash before starting the challenge
-> before buying anything think if you actually need it
-> Try to think if you have anything similar already with you
-> Would you be using it often (eg: highlighter) or you are buying it cause blogworld is abuzz about it
-> Don't buy anything the first time you like or want to buy. Go back home, sleep over it and then see if the desire to buy it is even there after few days.

The last point, I do often and it really works for me.

Now, to what I learned

-> 'No shopping' challenge is really hard especially when you have MAC LE editions
-> No sale is the 'last one'. There would always be another sale. So,its not absolute necessary to buy in a sale
-> It makes more sense to buy something when you actually need it rather than buying useless stuff just because its on sale
-> The feeling of being able to walk away from something you swatched and loved is amazing
-> Its specially hard when you are having either emotional highs or lows
-> First week was the hardest but once I was in, I was actually enjoying and trying hard to win the challenge.

So,yes, I have tamed ( atleast for time being ) my unsatiable desire to buy more things.

Bye,till I see you next time

P.S : I have hauled few things this weekend. So you can expect a haul post soon
P.P.S : I am not expert on anything, everything mentioned is just my experience.


  1. I am on a similar shopping ban, and have hade experinces just like you. Although now I try to avoid going to malls. I just get very tempted by all those pretty counters :)

  2. Wow wonderful post Maddy! This is really useful info for someone going on a shopping ban. For me the key is to differentiate between 'want' & 'need'. Sometimes the want wins, but it helps to be aware of your reason for buying. I recently realised that I have countless hair & skin care products, so I'm banning myself from buying those. Wish me luck!

  3. I think i don shop much therefore there is no ban for me :P

  4. @Tanveer : I know its so hard...especially when you swatch it and absolutely love it.

    @Poohkie : Thanks !! I agree with differentiating 'want' and 'need'.I also have so many skincare products that I am sure that before I even try them they would expire.

    @Anamika : Thats great..I envy you