Saturday, July 30, 2011

Colorbar NOTDs

Let me start with apologies for my unannounced long absence from blogging world. For past few days my family has joined me here and this can only mean one thing...a cup of tea and long chats catching up on all aspects of life. I may not have got time to blog, but I have definitely taken pictures and tested products. Posts might be slow to come but they will definitely trickle in.

Once a beauty blogger, always a beauty blogger. As soon as I knew that my family was coming here, the first thing I prepared was a long shopping list, mostly with nail polishes (I can never have enough of them !!). I got nail paints from Colorbar, a US based company which has a stand alone store in Select City Walk, Saket, Delhi.

Now, to the swatches and my opinions

Whisper Pink:

My thoughts :
  • This is a light pink nail color with silver shimmer
  • Like all shimmer nail paints, its a pain to remove
  • With 2 coats, there was 'visible nail line' but 3 coat was enough to get opacity

Blue Martini :

My thoughts :
  • Its a fun color, something which I can see myself sporting in summer months
  • The formula is creamy but runny
  • With 2 coats I had bald patches so 3 coats was used to obtain opacity

Lilac Mist:

My thought:
  • First thing first, the only thing lilac about this nail paint is the shimmer
  • Its a taupe based nail paint with loads of lilac shimmer
  • This was the only nail paint which was opaque in 2 coats.

My final thoughts :
Frankly speaking there is not much to write home about these nail paints. I mean for Rs125(~2.50AUD), Ulta3 has far better nail paints.
Although, I still have to swatch few more nail paints from this range, but I don't have high hopes from them.

Availability : Colorbar store in Select City Walk, Delhi
Price: Rs 125/- on average


  1. Lovely shades!!!! Me too did an NOTD!!!

  2. Wow....loved whisper pink...:)

  3. I like the blue one a lot. In fact, I've been looking for a blue like that for ages.

  4. I love the blue one!!! N like lilac mist too...rs125 seems little expensive for nail paints...nice to see ur post...I kind of wait for it:))

  5. It appears blue is most liked one...glad I got it , it will used a lot during hot summer days :-))