Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Obsession With Lilac

Does it ever happen to you that you get so obsessed with a particular color that you want everything in that shade ?? Or is it just me ?? Okay, I think its just me

This season I am obsessed with anything from family of purple be it lilac, magenta or just purple. Right from dresses, to nail paints to lip color..everything...In fact the other day my husband said " I don't understand why are you looking for everything lilac"..phew, men, few things can be explained to them.

Anyways in my latest craze, I was in search of a lilac nail paint. I went looking from high end brands like Chanel to drugstore like Rimmel..nothing suited my fancy..either they were too sheer and shimmery or too pastel for my complexion.

That's when I saw this post on MummaInHeels blog, I thought I will give a try to OPI Planks A Lot from Pirate of Caribbean Collection.

This is how it looks

It looks nice but it has strong undertones of blue, not exactly the color I was after. Nevertheless, its a beautiful color and I know I will be reaching for this quite often.

Now, the SA at DJ who was billing for me was wearing nail paint which caught my attention and she told me that it was OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender. I was so tempted to buy it but I was not sure how it will look on my NC40 hands.
And no prizes for guessing that I spent few days browsing swatches and fretting about Lucky Lucky Lavender. Anyways I gave in and bought it.

It has more of pink than blue and even though its a pastel it doesn't make my hands look more tanned, which is a big win in my books.

The moment of truth, did I get the lilac nail color I was after ? Yes, and that would be *drum roll please*  Lucky Lucky Lavender.....it was the color I wanted.

On another note, OPI nail paints have never disappointed me in term of color, finish or ease of application. Never once have I been let down by them. You know what this means, more OPI fun to come along

P.S : Excuse my cuticles, I am working to get them in better condition


  1. Thank you for the mention!
    Sorry Planks A Lot wasn't the colour you were after though.


  2. hey i like both the shades..they look nice on you...i like the top one more as it may go better with my skin tone:)

  3. Do you Think I'm Tex-y? & Houston We've a Purple have been on my wishlist for a while :D

    You've great taste in nail polishes..

    Check out my blog & follow if you like :D


  4. I love this color, nice post...by the way lovely long nails,love them too. :) m definitely following you.

  5. @Melinda : Although not what I was looking for, but I still <3 this color. My sisters are already eyeing it ;-))

    @Anon : Thanks!!

    @Gauri : *blushing* thanks !! I am glad you like my nail polishes

    @Vertu : A huge welcome to you !!