Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Freebie Alert

Don't you just love when there is a freebie which you can actually use and its to pretty so look at.
So, being the pretty things slave I am , I couldn't walk past Vogue Australia magazine for this month.

Currently they are having 2 cosmetic bags which is coming free with their monthly issue.


With the amount of makeup I have amassed and all the loose lipsticks/glosses in my handbag, these cosmetic bags really make sense for me.

The fabric appears to be waterproof and the smaller one comes with a inner pocket as well. I generally store cotton buds and tissues in there. And the icing on the cake is the cute 'V' charm on the outer zipper.


  1. I purchased the same mag just for the freebies, how awesome are they?? I used them last week when I was in Cairns and they held up perfectly :)

  2. Could you do an article on cute outfits for winter?? Like how to look cute during a freezing day :D

  3. Plz do post on travel make up n skin care...I'm in US n we'll b going for a week long vacation involving lot of biking,trails n hitting beaches.keep up the work...I love ur blog:))

  4. @Celina : A freebie which can be actually used !!

    @Gauri : Thanks for asking but I don't consider myself as one of the 'fashionistas' :-).

    @Anon : Thanks for loving my work. I will try to do a post on makeup/skincare for travelling