Thursday, July 14, 2011

Diorskin Nude Glow in Aurora

Dior recently released Limited Edition Healthy Glow Summer Powder in 2 shades
  • Aurora 001
  • Sunset 002
I wasn't sure about getting it till I saw this post on KirRoyale's blog. In fact I was waiting for Chanel Summer Soleil Tan Bronzing powder in Bronze Rose, but when I tried it in store, it looked quite muddy. So, I passed on that and waited for the next best thing.

And boy, was I glad that I waited. The Nude Glow in Aurora looks so pretty, in fact I was reluctant to use it cause I didn't want to make a dent in the pretty pattern

And this is how it looks when swatched heavily.No shimmer shows in the below swatch but it has fine shimmer in it.

The packaging is real luxe and comes in a velvet pouch with a separate compartment for the brush.

I use this brush to gently pick very little product and sweep it all over my face. It gives me that pretty summer glow without imparting too much color or making me look like glitter ball.

Now, to the critical question , is this must have ? In my opinion , not exactly but if you already don't have something similar and want the summer glow in this cold winter then look no past, this is the product for you.

And yes, it being Limited Edition so get it while its still there.

Availibility : All major department store
Price : Approx $76 AUD

P.S: I had swatched Sunset in store but it was very burnt orange almost like terracota.


  1. the pattern is so pretty - I wouldn't be able to use it if I had possession of it :)

  2. @lilpil : Believe me it would have been untouched for months, if I didn't have to blog about this beauty..its really pretty

  3. I am lemming this, hard! So beautiful, and so raved about. I need to head to Dior and swatch it.
    BTW I've tagged you in my most recent post, if you want to check it out=)

  4. I REALLY like this color! I've to go find this now!

  5. All the swatches of this are so so gorgeous *sigh*

  6. @Jadegrrrl, @Gauri : Its so pretty that I am wearing this almost every day

    @emma : Thanks for the tag. I am waiting for nice sunny day so that I can take some pics for the swatch

  7. I'm green with envy because I have wanted this and now it is sold out :( Extremely, extremely gorgeous. Whenever you use it, do realize that you are very fortunate to have it :) :P

  8. That packaging is so gorgeous I'd be scared I'd never use it.

  9. @Shivani: Thanks for following!!. I totally know what you mean. In fact it feels real luxe when I apply it :-))

    @Chloeblue : I always scared that I will drop it !!