Friday, November 19, 2010

Blue Bronze Eye Look

Today evening I quickly tried this look

And I used the following products

MAC Painterly as the base
NYX jumbo pencil in Yogurt in inner corner
Inglot Bronzy eyeshadow all over the lid ( I tried to get the eye shadows out to read the number but I couldn't do it)
Inglot Blue eyeshadow in the outer portion of the lid
Using the same brush(I used Inglot 9S) blend the eye shadows
Now,pick MAC Embark in the crease brush and apply in it crease and the outer corner
Again blend it
Pick MAC Texture eyeshadow on a blending brush and use this as transition color

Then using a flat eyeshadow brush, take some MAC Embark again and run it along the lower lashline. And then pick Inglot blue eye shadow and run it on top of Embark. What this does is that it gives some depth to the blue eyeshadow.

Then line the upper lash line with black Kohl.I used Himalaya Kajal.
Finish off with Mascara and filling eyebrow with NARS Bali.

Post done, now off to taking of the eye makeup...


  1. this is soo pretty... i loved it !! make tute also na...

  2. Sure..will try to do it...Although I don't have video camera so I will do pictorial tutorial

  3. nice blending dear... :-))

  4. @Butterfly,@ShoppingInBengaluru,@Bhumika : Thanks guys ...I am really happy that you liked it