Monday, November 1, 2010

When you have time on hand.....

For past few days, I was very unhappy with my makeup/skincare/accessories storage. Everything was everywhere. I could never find the thing I needed when I needed. I would never find what I wanted and had to settle for next best. Not that I was not organized, it was just that I would never put things back at the right place, except for few things(like MAC lippies).

So,today as I had some time on hand, I decided to take this task head on.
Scented candle lighted..check.
Music playing in background...check
Dinner taken care of..check

And then it began.
I started with clearing out all old receipts and the old packaging.I don't why I do this, but I can't throw the packaging right away. I hold it on for sometime before throwing it.

While doing this , I also realised how much stuff I had accumulated each with any of the following ideas
"You know what this is all my skin needs"
"I think this a good bargain, I should get this"
"I can get another of hand cream, may be one for work"
"This stuff must be good"
"Oooh this brand is new, let me test it out"

As result of above, I had couple of body lotions, creams etc which were there on dresser for quite sometime. I could never throw them away always thinking, I might need it sometime.
But today, I decided this it and packed them right away

Then I decided to tackle the various samples I have accumulated over period of time.
I have segregated them based on 'wash away' and 'stay on' category.
Anything which will washed away like cleanser, exfoliant pack etc belongs to 'wash away' while things like moisturizer, serum, lotion belong to 'Stay on'

Its still not completely done, but I am happy with the progress.

As a result of this, there will be a series of post on organization coming up soon.

So, how do you organize ???


  1. I did this very recently..Like you said, I was hoarding stuff thinking that it would be useful at some point of time..But one fine morning, just got ahead working practically and I was left with only necessary stuff..Feels good no?

  2. @G.G.G : Ohh yes...its actually a very satisfying feeling and made me realize that I need to finish few things before buying more stuff