Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yes..It has finally arrived

Week before last when I received the invite for the Illamasqua Bloggers Launch event, I was super excited. I couldn’t wait to set my eyes on the products which Illamasqua had to offer. Having read about this brand on various blogs had whetted my appetite for all things Illamsaqua. In fact, the girls at the Myer City Beauty Counter have been pestered by yours truly with queries of when Illamasqua was coming to town.

And, my wait was totally worth it. Illamasqua has a great range of products in wide range of color. The first counter I rushed to was their blushes. They are so pigmented and oh so smooth. For a makeup addict it’s a must in the stash. And even before I could finish having a look at them, I wanted to swatch Scarab nail paint. Illamasqua had successfully transformed other wise very quiet person to a buzzing bee moving from one product to another.

A brief history of Illamasqua (as present in the Autumn Winter 2010 catalogue)…and yes I read it on way back home

Conceived amidst the dark drama of 1920s Berlin,developed by professional make-up artists,embraced by alternative cultures,made by a unique British brand.Worn by those who refuse to be everybody.

Illamasqua is the result of a partnership based on a desire to create a super strain of make-up - a range based on Kryolan's 65 years of superiority and unparalleled skill,combined with Illamasqua's drive and determination to create ground breaking and enhanced formulations, the likes of which the market has never seen.

And the picture of the various counters

<< Thanks to Lilpill for the above pics >>

Another noticeable difference which Illamasqua had compared to other brands was the personal touch they offered in their services. Every artist was connecting with the customer on the personal basis.

Christabel( who had organised this event) was really sweet and amazing.

Their makeup artists are also super talented…really good at their job. They had done some fabulous makeovers that day

Beautiful Lilpill with her makeover

Lovely Valerie Ponikuta with her MUA.

<< Thanks to Val from Ponikuta for the above pic >>

And I didn’t come back empty handed….how could I…

-> Precision Ink

-> Medium Sophie *

-> Lipstick Box *

* Item received as part of event

I think I will be going back soon for blushes and lipsticks. I didn’t get a chance to play with their foundation so may be next time.

P.S : Illamasqua is opening in Chadstone too, but don’t know when

P.P.S : I have been road testing the products since I got them and the reviews are coming soon


  1. It was lovely meeting you at Illamasqua! :) Lovely photos~

  2. @Celina : It was likewise. Thanks for liking the photos, they are taken by Amy and Val