Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Organization : Lip Color

And, no I didn't forget about the 'Organization' series.
Below is how I organize my lip colours.

I have reused the cubic box in which we had bought ties for Mr.M. And the circular tub is an empty from a body scrub. The box on extreme right is the packaging of a candle. Why throw when you can reuse??

I have segregated them based on Department Store and Drug Store brand. And, yes, MAC has been given its own special place. While choosing MAC lipstick, I would get fed up searching for certain shade and finding it last. Keeping it was challenge as the colour name is on base and since its bullet shaped, the lippie always sits on its base. I have filled the tub with small packaging balls and kept the lipstick on its head so that I can read the name on base before picking it.

And the last box has mix of glosses and various balms

So, how do you organize your lipsticks ???


  1. Nice. Where do you keep these containers? On a dresser? Also, I feel a little better knowing that there are people out there with more lippies than me :)

    Arre your posts are reminding me to get on with taking pics of my organizing. But it's raining & dull & grey outside...I'm feeling too lazy :P

  2. Wow, you are so very well organised. I just dunk everything I have into this big jute bag :P

  3. I have those tie boxes too. But i keep my jewellery in it.
    Quite well organized. Finding anything that i want is equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. I've just randomly dumped my makeup into small boxes.

  4. voooo...i really liked the way you organized every thing..:)

  5. @Poohkie : I keep these on dresser.Even I wonder how I managed to collect so many lipstick when I am not a very lippie person. Everytime I am at a beauty counter, I think of this image and then talk myself out from buying anything more . I mean, do I need any more ????

  6. @Tanveer, @ladylavendersays,@anamika : Thanks gals !!!....

  7. Hi maddy, you got a nice blog....congrats. I too am well organised like you, will surely share with you all sometimes. Do visit www.beautydivaindia.blogspot.com Thanks :))

  8. @Beautydiva : Thanks for dropping by...Will look forward to your post