Thursday, November 4, 2010

Feeling Blue..

No,I am not feeling sad or depressed.
Actually I felt that I was stuck in rut, wearing a same eyelook almost every other day.So,one of these days I decided to base my eye look around blue.
And this is what I came up with

Products used:

MAC Painterly pot as base
Loose powder to smoothen the base
Maybeline EyeStudio pencil in Blue
Inglot 419 eye shadow
Any black eyeshadow
Black Lancome Mascara

1. Apply MAC painterly pot all over eyelid as base
2. Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush apply loose powder
3. Apply the blue eyeliner along the upper lashline
4. Using any flat eyeshadow blush, pick some matter black eyeshadow and smudge the eyeliner with brush strokes towards the crease
5. Blend well
6. Apply Inglot eyeshadow on the outercorner and blend it in with upward stroke
7. Apply mascara

And, I was done. quite happy with the change and the simplicity of this look.


  1. hey dear i posted a comment earlier too ... u have to change ur mail id in ABOUT ME option .. its written wrong
    i mailed u for the camera post and it bounced back ...
    ur eyes loving beautiful sweetie :)

  2. @Rashmi : Thanks alot !!! I can't stop beaming with joy.
    Also thanks for pointing about the typo...fixed it :-))

  3. hahahah thank god u corrected ...
    love u sweetie :)