Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kareena Inspired look

Before, I start writing about the look, let me say this, 'You won't find a person more lazy than me'. I procrastinate like anything. My computer drive is full with pictures, and I am just putting it off for later. But, not any more.

With rambling out of the way,lets start with this look. While browsing through Indian Celebs pictures, I chanced on this snap of Kareena...and just loved the look of it..very classy and simple look

I tried to recreate the look with the products I had at home.


MAC Painterly Pot as the base
Any loose powder to smoothen it
MAC Texture all over the eyelid, till the crease
Any dark brown eyeshadow in the outer corner and over upper lash line.
While working in the crease, do it light handed as we aren't doing a complete smokey look
Using a flat brush( I used Inglot 9S ) pick the same dark brown eyeshadow and run it along the lower lash line
Using same flat brush pick up some matte black eyeshadow (I used MAC Carbon) and run it along the upper and lowe lash line.
Using a black kohl( I used Chanel Kohl) line you upper lash line and the waterline
Fill in the eyebrows (I used NARS Bali)
Finish it off with black mascara


NARS Sheer glow in Barcelona as the foundation.
NARS Bronzer Laguna for contouring
NARS Blush Orgasm ( On side note, this deserves all the love it gets!!!)

I haven't used any highlighter


I used Dior Addict High Colour 484, Daring Beige

I hope you liked the look...I had fun creating it. Now I know I have a go-to look.


  1. Hey lovely!!! Like the lip color and the blush.
    Good job:))

  2. @Rakhshanda : Thanks !! The lip colour was a random buy from duty free shops in transit...Its one of my fail safe choice

    @Deeptima : OMG....the fact that you loved it means alot to me...I mean look at the eyelooks you create...such amazing ones...I am over the moon and feeling really encouraged to try more..Thanks !!

  3. Looks even better than KK's makeup! Love the blush & the lippie shade :)

  4. @Tanveer jaws just dropped on reading your comment..I can't tell you how happy I am feeling...Thank you so much!!!