Friday, May 6, 2011

Blue Eyeliners

I have got quite few non-black eyeliner. So, I decided to do a series of posts on them.

This post on blue eyeliner is the first in this series

From L to R : Revlon Luxurious Color - Electric Blue
Clarins Ultramarine
Maybeline Eyestudio

Now for how they look on eye. I have done swatch both on upper lashline and waterline. The reason being they might look different.

Revlon Luxurious Color - Electric Blue

As you can see its quite cool against my warm skin tone and almost frosty.

Clarins Ultramarine

I just love this eyeliner. Its very creamy , easy to apply and adds very nice pop 0f color

Maybeline Eyestudio

I got this eyeliner on complete fancy and I am glad I did. It creamy and really brings out the white in my eyes.
The only downside is that they smudge :-(

So, what blue eyeliners do you have ? Any favourites ?

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  1. All 3 are pretty. I love blues and greens. Clarins 1 is the best. Thanks :)