Thursday, May 19, 2011

Can a Brand rise while prices drop ??

And the answer is an emphatic Yes !!!. Kiehl's has proved it

Last week, few of us lucky bloggers were invited to Kiehl's Blogger's exclusive event held at Myer,Bourke Street.It is here we were told that Kiehl's was reducing price across their range including their cult products Creme de Corps range of body lotions, Ultra Facial skin care products.
It was like music to ears, cause I absolutely adore there Avocado eye cream which earlier used to retail at $65 AUD is now only $39 AUD..Isn't it great !!

To put the price drop in perspective,Ultra Facial Cream 125ml used to retail at $105AUD is only $64AUD which is a 40% drop !!!

Kiehl's has a history of a brand that gives back to the community and with this price drop they have again proved that they indeed give back to their customers.
Now I can stock up on my Avocado eye cream without envying my US cousins.
This price drop is effective 9th May

It was fun filled and very well organized event.We had our skin analysis done and 3 products were given for trial . The bloggers got a chance to mingle, play with various products and discuss our concerns with Kiehl's

Kiehl's has proved that they are growing even though the prices are shrinking. Yes , my fellow Aussie this is true, finally a brand has decided to help the consumers

Many other brands need to take cue from this great initiative and start giving back to community

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