Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lilac Eyes

I had done this lilac/plum look on one of the weekend. I have tried to break down the steps using pictures although I am not sure how helpful it is.

Apply the plum/lilac color eyeshadow all over the eyelid. I have used MAC Noir Plum from the Peacocky Collection

Apply a matte brown eyeshadow in outer crease. This can be intensified depending what you are after

 Then apply black eyeliner on upper lashline. I have used Bobbi Brown Gel liner in Black

Now as apply any black Kajal on the waterline and lower lash line. Then smudge it only at outer corners using the lilac/plum eyeshadow.I have used Stila Kajal.
And as final step, 2 coats of mascara

Please let me know in comments what you think of this


  1. I love it! Purple, red, golds, browns really suit you :) You have beautiful eyes!

  2. Ooh pretty! LOVE the purples!

  3. I love this colour. It really suits you.

  4. Pretty! I am getting more and more into purple for the eyes, love this as inspiration

  5. Thanks girls !! Now, I am encouraged to try more looks...