Monday, May 2, 2011

NOTD : Nicole By OPI

Doesn't it feel great when you finally get the color you have been looking for so long.
I always wanted a bronze/rust color nailpaint and in attempt to get the perfect color I have accumulated quite a few of them.

And all of them have the same problems either they streak or the color makes my hands look old and tired...unlike the polished look I am after.

Few days ago, I had gone to Chemist to pick some necessary supplies when I notice this bronzey rusty nail paint by Nicole By OPI .
I immediately decided to buy it but I was fearing that it would be like many others..hope of falling in love but not even a relation formed.

Anyways I bought it ...and my my...I was in for a pleasant surprise...It was what I was after.

What I like about it :

-> Color. Perfect mix of bronze and rust with nice undertone of red
-> Formula. It applies like a dream , not a single streak
-> Dries amazingly fast with no smudge marks. This is essential for someone who wants to change her nail paint everyday.
-> Wear. There was no chipping after 4 days of wear.

What I didn't like about it:

-> Nothing

Girls/Ladies...please try this brand...I know I am going to get more from this range.

Disclaimer : I am not affliated to this brand.I just fell in love and wanted to share with everyone.


  1. Lovely colour, looks amazing on your skin tone :)

  2. Gorgeous shade! Love it :)

  3. @Celina , @Appu : Thanks!! can't wait to get more from this range